Friday, April 2, 2010

Asa made breakfast this morning

Asa was scooting around the kitchen and got to 3 drawer organizer we keep his supplies in. While banging around on it, his chocolate cheerios fell onto the floor. Asa happily played with the box for a while. He loves opening and closing things so he opened and closed the top for a loooong time!

Then the box fell over! Out came a few cheerios!!

So he reaches in and pulls out a few to feed himself. Then he dumps the box upside down and a lot spill out!!JACKPOT!! He sat happily in his little pile of chocolate cheerios for quite a while. He really only ate a few. He put some back in the box. He opened and closed the top some more. He kicked around the ones he had on the floor.

At some point many got stuck to the underside of his leg and he was not happy with that at all! Once he started throwing them, I ended his happy breakfast game!! It's all fun and games til the cheerios start flying!

I'm so glad so many of you really understood about my happy run in with a super lady yesterday. I was amazed at the conversation and couldn't really figure out how to put it into words. I guess we live in a world were pleasantries are exchanged and sometimes not much else. Employers train employees to say "hi", "welcome" and "how are you" but they don't train them to mean those words! I have had the exact same chat with people several times a week and it has NEVER gone the way our chat did at Kohl's. I hope Amanda S. is only moonlighting at Kohl's because she has a God given gift to see people and things like no one else sees it! I pray that I'm able to have God's eyes like that and see the people around me more clearly!


Laura aka Mama Ham said...

So cute! Ethan is the same way about opening and closing things, especially doors. He can only army crawl around but when he gets to a door that is open, he pushs it until is ALMOST closes and than pushes it open over and over again. Also, we discovered chocolate cheerios- YUMMY!!!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Oh, the pictures of Asa are too cute. It is a true blessing to see him making a mess!!!! Who ever thought cheerios on the floor were a cause for celebration?!?!?