Monday, April 12, 2010

A pump free day

Sounds good right! Well, hold on for the rest of the story!!

I thought I'd try feeding Asa breakfast this morning. I do this occasionally! Really, I try applesauce or yogurt or cream of wheat. He usually refuses. This morning he was OK though. He ate a whole applesauce but wouldn't drink anything. I had to use some trickery to get him to eat but nothing too overboard, just some singing and dancing and he fed me.....what that isn't normal?! It only took 45 min. for him to eat 4oz of applesauce!

Then for lunch I thought I'd really push it! I went to the pantry to see what kind of torture I could find! I found a Gerber meal with ravioli and green beans. Well, the green beans would be a no go with an oral sensitive kid. Have you ever thought about green beans. They have that stringy kind of part. Plus the bean separates from the pod. You have 2 different tastes and textures in your mouth at the same time. Plus they aren't all that good when they don't have the butter and salt and stuff! Sorry, I probably just ruined green beans for some people!

Anyway, the ravioli won. I heated it and fork mashed 3-4 raviolis and put them in an applesauce container (cause that is a preferred dish!). Then I got out another applesauce. I poured 1/2 a bottle of Pedisure into a straw sippy (that he'd already refused today) and to the highchair we go!! I could have cooked a 7 course meal in the time it took me to prepare one for Asa that he'd likely refuse....but on we go!

He really liked the Pedisure this time. He drank that 1/2 cup so I refilled. He ate the applesauce and I slipped in bites of ravioli in between. I wouldn't say he hated the ravioli but he wasn't to sure about it. He ate most of the little bit I mushed up. It was a HUGE texture jump so I'm just glad he only gagged twice!!

So even though it was much more work than the pump, he was doing pretty good. Sure he was low on fluids and calories but it was ok. Then after school! He would only eat a yogurt, no drink at all, no Pedisure or juice. I was growing concerned but not too bad. Something upset him and he got gaggy and sick so I vented him and he crashed out on the couch. When he woke up he was CRANKY!! So clingy and needy. He wouldn't drink or eat. About 5, Barry fed him a sippy of Pedisure and he gulped it down and wanted more. He drank most of this down too. But almost immediately he puked it all back up on Barry!

It really just went downhill from there. He was ill and wanted nothing and everything. He cried and fussed and fussed and cried! He wanted up and then down.

It was finally 8pm and Barry gave him another cup of Pedisure. He drank it and played for a minute or two before wanting to be held and not held again. Finally Barry just put him in bed! He was happy and quiet then! We were all happy and quiet!!

So even though he was pump free, I can't call it a success! It was exhausted and by the afternoon, nobody was having fun!! I'll not try this routine again. I see the flaws in my plan. And I really didn't have a plan. I was just gonna try breakfast and then somehow I decided to press my luck!

Tomorrow we go back to 8oz of Pedisure at 500ml/hour at 8, 11:30, 2:30, snack at 5 and bottle of Pedisure before bed! Why rock the boat?! Who needs the pressure and stress?! Yeah, your right, I'll be right back at it tomorrow. It isn't a party until he pukes!!

On a completely different note.....thank you all for the comments and emails about the post yesterday. God just really laid it all out there for me to see so clearly and I'm glad it touched so many of you as well!

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