Friday, April 9, 2010

Appointments and stuff!

Asa stole my sweet tea while we had lunch!
He held on with both hands!

We made him fill out his own paperwork!
Notice the pain scale....this wasn't for how much of a pain is it to wait hours for a scheduled appointment! Had that been the case, this moma would have been a 7! You wouldn't want to see the picture for that one!!

The super long exam room at the eye center made a great place to practice steps, complete with a rolling stool!!

Look....NO HANDS! Seriously, this skill just poked its long awaited head out this week!!! He even took one step while in this position!!! I believe that is what you'd call, wait for it.....
Ok, so maybe he has a little ways to go before he can earn that title but it is in sight!!

Asa playing "Patty Cake" while his eyes dilate! Look at those red eyes!

We had a safe and pretty easy trip. We kept thinking Asa would go to sleep in the van but he was wide awake the whole time!! He was very vocal too. Lots of squeals and grunts and fusses!! I really liked him testing his vocal cords out, he doesn't do that very often!! Unless he is fussing, he can fuss with the best of them, even with no words!!!

The neurology appt was kinda a bust. After waiting in the waiting room for 1 hour and then the exam room for 30min, there really wasn't time to discuss much since we had the eye appt in 20 min! This is the second time this clinic has been sooo far behind with us. I don't mind waiting for a little while but seriously is seems like it is the norm with this clinic. Anyone else have that happen over and over? I'll just email with my questions later. Thankfully we had no pressing or urgent matters to take care of!

So when Dr. B came in he thought we were another family! It was OK though cause I was gonna ask about the same thing this family was after! Meghan, he thought I was you coming after the appeal letter! I told him he had us confused but I wanted the letter too! LOL! He is sending me one to have on hand! Thanks for having him on the ready!!!

Before we left for the eye appt. I left thank you notes for the GI and geneticist that are leaving. Is that weird? I really do like them and they were the 2 most encouraging drs we have!!

The eye appointment went great!!! They dilated Asa's eyes and he did great. The dr. checked his vision and he did great. The dr. checked the back of his eye and he did great! The boy barely moved while she held a magnifying glass to his eye and shined a light in it! He was amazing. His vision is fine and his eye itself was fine. We don't have to come back for 2 years!

While we were waiting for his eyes to dilate he had the best time stepping and scooting around the room! He was so funny and playful!

We had a great day overall! Tiring from driving 2 1/2 hours each way but we made it safe and sound. I just couldn't get Moma to pay attention and stop watching Hannah Montana that they had in both waiting rooms!!! That show is gooooood! Maybe we do need our satellite back! lol

And Cade is fine today! He has been fever free for 24 hours now. I have my doubts about this whole flu test thing. I don't want to jinx us for tomorrow but this has been the easiest flu ever! Was it the Tamiflu or a false positive test. I don't guess it matters, just glad he is feeling so much better! Now to keep everyone else well! Gracie said Cade made her wait on him today! She had to bring him popcorn and OJ so he wouldn't touch the kitchen!! Seriously I didn't want the boy anywhere downstairs!!

Tomorrow, Gracie has 2 softball games and Cade has a baseball game. The weather is supposed to be great so I'm looking forward to it!! Just got to remember to take my allergy medication in the morning!!

Thank you all for the prayers for our travels and for healing for Cade!!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

I vote it IS cruising....I love watching Asa blossom!!!

Heidi said...

Awww, YES, this is cruising! YAY!!! SO funny that picture with him and the pen/clip board! He is really starting to look older these days. Glad the eye appt went well and theres no worries there. Thank goodness Cade is doing better. Jack is really sick with fever tonight and shoot Im at my parents house for spring break and didnt bring his 02 oximeter--thinking we would be OK without it for a few days. But he's struggling, blah. Hopefully this wont last.

Anyway, great update on your little man! He is really coming along Kim, those inchstones are adding up! :) HUGS,
Heidi & Jack.

Christina said...

I like all the positive posts here lately! Its so amazing watching Asa finally reach these "inchstones" that we all wondered if he would ever reach. Very, very exciting stuff.

I have a magazine for you. You may already receive it but it was laying on my desk at work and it was about the IEP's (?) you mentioned the other day. I immediately thought of you and snuck it in my bag since I didn't know if it was supposed to be on my desk or not! Haha! It was addressed to someone that is no longer there though so it'll be ok.