Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter in pictures

We all clean up pretty well!

The girls

The boys

There are a ton of outtakes from this set up!
I could do a whole post based just on these pictures!

Easter at my moms

This is all the kids that hunted that day. Well, minus one who was in punishment for an egg stealing incident! Someone joked "wasn't the Easter picture the punishment"! You know what we should do next year.....make them take the picture BEFORE they can hunt! This is my kids, my brother and sis in law's 4 boys, my cousin (I'm not sure why we made Carrie get in the picture, she is all grown up now!) and my older cousins baby, plus 3 kids from across the road. You know, the more the merrier!

This is my cousin Lacy and her sweet peanut, Danilyn! They walked in the Mito What? 5K but the pictures I took of them were awful. This one is great though! And Danilyn was a super egg finder but someones ate her candy when she took a nap!

Cade hunting eggs. He is ill that I made him pause for a picture!

Gracie and her "prize" egg!

Some are too old to hunt eggs!

And some are too hot and thirsty! I'm so glad Asa is drinking from a straw. He thinks it is fun but it really ensures he is hydrated enough!

And we like to make the hiding an adventure, not just the hunting!

We've been hiding an egg in this bird house for as long as I can remember. It is usually so funny trying to get the egg up there. This year Daniel, Lacy's hubby, got it on the first toss. I'm convinced he was training for this since last Easter!
Gracie found this egg but needed a little help from Eric getting it out! She is holder her prized egg in the picture above!

And Chris, my brother, hid an egg on top of the house! Did I mention that I'm a shorty in a family of giants!

We really had a wonderful weekend! The weather couldn't have been nicer, the family couldn't have been more fun, the food couldn't have been yummier! The blessings were really piled on us!! I want to hold these kind of days in my heart and be able to pull them out when I need a boost!


Anonymous said...

Love it Kim. The photos are great. Asa looks great on his power wheel and I love the straw. Go man Go!


Christy said...

Love all the pictures, Kim! And I love your haircut!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Looks like fun was had by one and all.

I know what you mean - holding the memories close to your heart : )

Laura aka Mama Ham said...

Asa looks great!! How old is he now?