Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

We have had some major storms in West TN so far this weekend! It started with a 3am tornado warning. When our town was mentioned we loaded the kids up and drove down the road to my parents. We hunkered down in their basement with my parents, my 3 nephews who were spending the night and for a little, while my cousin, his wife and their little overnight guest. That is right, 13 of us in the basement for what seemed like an eternity. Funny thing that being up in the middle of the night with storms brewing, brings out the hyper in kiddos! I think Barry and my daddy stayed up above ready to wrestle the tornado than the kids in the basement!

Thankfully, we didn't have a tornado but we have had a ton of rain. I've heard it was 12 inches of rain! Barry's parents house nearly flooded when the culvert in front of the house backed up. They evacuated as the water got to the bottom of the truck and the driveway washed out. At some point the culvert washed out and the water receded from their house. There are tons of roads out and many churches canceled services for tomorrow. I even saw where one school will be out on Monday! I'm not telling the kids that though. No need to get their hopes up!

Asa did well getting up and out in the wee hours of the morning. He ended up sleeping until 1pm though. He has spent a few days this week doing nothing but sleeping. We ran out of the CoQ10 and I thought I'd hold off on ordering it to see if it was really helping him. I think after a week or so without it I can say it is worth the money!!

Asa didn't get sick again after last night in the car. I was really afraid we'd being looking at a whole night of sickness. Thankfully not! He did get sick again tonight but there was a just cause for that. I bought these chocolate soy drink boxes. I didn't really think he'd drink it but he drank nearly all 8oz. I should have stopped him since he has had trouble with all chocolate drinks we give him, even the chocolate version of the elemental formula he was on. Sure enough, before bed he got so sick. Again, the drain bags didn't work and I had to wrangle the tube while he was puking. Thankfully Barry was holding him so it was our 4 hands vs. Asa's one mouth. Shockingly enough, Asa won! He got him and Barry both covered! Then Asa got a nice long bath and was soooo happy! He loves water but the kitchen sink is getting a little small!

Asa has a new trick. I've been getting him to practice standing up by standing him on the changing table in front of me. At this height his head is at my shoulders and I can give him good support around his hips. I can also use the same position by sitting in the floor and having him standing in front of me. So yesterday Asa lays his head on my shoulder and proceeds to bite my shoulder! Well, it was more like a lick and maybe a gumming since he has such a weak bite. Since he isn't oral and doesn't mouth toys or food, I kinda felt privileged to be worthy of his bite! I acted all silly and said "oh, don't bite me" and other goofy things so that he'd laugh and try again. This was such a fun game to him and yet it was great therapy all in one! He was oral, he was standing and he was following my directions...or rather doing the exact opposite, which is totally age appropriate.

And just to prove it wasn't a one time game, we played again today only his bite was a bit stronger (he left a red mark!) and he was pulling my shirt away with his teeth! He thought this was great! He even bit Cade and Anna. Cade had to push it a little farther and got Asa to bite his ear and cheek but I discouraged that after I finished laughing at them! If no one was near him and we said "don't bite me" he'd open his mouth and stick his tongue out! I do realize we may have created a monster and he may bite anyone who picks him up so maybe I need to put a waring sign on him! I can't help it but I can't discourage his biting at this point. Now if becomes a Mike Tyson, we'll talk but right now just guard you shoulders!!

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