Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!

Cade is having so much fun playing baseball this season. He didn't want to play when it came time to sign up. He literally waited until the last 20 minutes of sign ups to make up his mind. Personally, I think he was holding out for us to bribe him to play and that wasn't gonna happen. It was like a game of chicken, in my opinion...Cade will argue with this!

Anyway, he moved up to 9 and 10 year old kid pitch! Real kids pitching to real kids. They get walked and can steal bases! This is really the big leagues! And it is exciting. Sure sometimes the pitchers have a loooong wind up routine. And sometimes it drags on while ball after ball is thrown. But then suddenly someone will steal a base and have to slide, then things get exciting!!

Cade plays first. He loves playing first. He has played first on most of the teams he has been on. He considers himself sort of a professional first baseman. And he doesn't miss many but he has his errors.

And his batting has it's ups and downs. Don't they all. But he is fast when he gets on base. Tonight, though, his batting was pretty good. He got his first home run!!!! It was a fast in field ground ball that zoomed past 3 players all the way to the fence! I knew he had a double but the next thing I knew he was on third and then coming home! Moma and I were on the fence behind the plate cheering. We are pretty sure the sight of us at home plate scared and mortified Cade and he'll never hit another one for that simple reason alone! But boy we were all on cloud nine!!!

I feel bad too cause I've not had my camera for his games before tonight. And while I did take it tonight, I didn't get a picture of the home run! The first thing he asked me was if I had video of his home run! Oh, well, maybe next game!! And I took lots of pictures but I'll not bore you with all of them!

This is him getting a throw at first. I'm not good with the action shots. I tend to get into the action so I miss it with the camera. But if you ever need a good pre or post action picture, I'm your lady!

And this is at bat. Can you see the ball at his head?! Don't worry he ducked but the batters do get hit. A few per game usually. No worries though, you get to walk to first base if you get hit! I'm sure that more than makes up for the welt and bruise left by these fast pitches!

Another plus of ball season....the concession stand food isn't half bad! :)

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