Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm not a patient person. I've been forced to be since having Asa but still it doesn't come naturally. I've learned that appointments can't be rushed. Tests will take 2 times longer than you think. Development skills won't happen easily. I've learned to wait a lot but it isn't easy.

This week, my patience has been tested daily it seems. I don't mind the waiting and delays when things are still moving, even if it is slooooowly. I didn't mind the hour it took at WIC while they verified info, took blood, talked with the nutritionist. But I did mind the next hour while they sat trying to figure out how to make all the Pedisure vouchers print with the food package. At one point I had the Pedisure vouchers sitting in front of me and I almost grabbed them up and darted out the door. By the end, Asa had a horrible meltdown and got sick. While I was wrestling him and plugging in a drain bag they must have figured the computer system out cause they practically threw the vouchers at me and closed the little window. Think it was the screaming that finally helped see the way! I came home wrapped so tightly that when Gracie didn't do a simple task I asked her to do, I snapped her sweet head off. Granted all I asked her to do was carry in a Target bag and she said she was tired (from watching TV!?) but it didn't warrant me being snappy. She didn't know that I'd spent the last 2 hours wrestling Asa and being pushed to my waiting limits! Like I said, I don't do patience well!!

Then, I've been going round and round with the cell phone company. What should have been a simple request has proved to be anything but! It was all being held up by a vendor I had upgraded with. Finally yesterday, I went charging in, well, as much charging as I could do with Asa in the wheelchair and on the pump, and he surely new he had pushed me past my limits. I had customer service on MY phone and handed the vendor my cell phone! It took 10 seconds for him to read them a code or something and then the ball could get rolling. Really, 10 seconds!! Wonder why he just didn't do this on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when I called several times a day! Even after all of that I still had to wait while the next center had the issue on their desk. Thankfully, things sped up and we finally made some headway.

I also tried to make some plans and reservations for our Houston trip. Doing anything with dial up is like watching paint dry! And when I did have some speed, Asa was in dire need of some cuddling or changing or something! By the time I'd get back to my plans, the computer would have kicked me off and I'd have to start all over. Finally on Wednesday morning I got up before 6 so I could have 2 hours to just focus on the trip. It took 3! Thankfully, Asa slept late and I let him!!

And there is the ever present battle with the insurance company. It just seems like such a round and round process. Each request being passed from one department to another. Once I used a case manager or something. I should look up that name! Yeah, I'm sure I still have it laying around!! :)

Thankfully Monday at Vandy went smoothly. There was still plenty of waiting, like the traffic jam on the way up, but mostly it was great! I don't mind waiting like that...I'm not THAT demanding. Unless you talk to Barry!

I'm trying hard to remember all those Bible verses about patience and taking deep breaths and counting to 10! Thankfully, this is Friday and we have very little planned for the weekend. I wish it was a long weekend here but it won't be. That is OK though!

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Debbie said...

I have cases of pediasure in my garage...wish you lived closer and I could give them to you!
Hudson is on the peptamin jr. now.

Hope today is a bit less frustrating!