Monday, May 3, 2010

Bike riding

School was out today because of the flooding and storm damage but it was a beautiful day!! I took the kids to our church to ride bikes! The church is 1/4 mile from the house and has lots of pavement and a great hill to ride down! This has always been one of their favorite activities. I was afraid that it might be too hot for Asa and I took the cooling vest but he stayed in the shade and had a great time!!

The kids actually rode to the church and I followed behind them with my flashers on. I love being in the country and remember riding on the rode all the time when we were kids. There is more traffic these days though. On the way home we had 2 bikes, 2 Razor scooters, Asa's chair, the gait trainer and 3 kids in the van! Really, have I said how much I love my van!! I should have took a picture of all of that. There was handlebars and wheels everywhere.

Gracie was quite a poser today. Somedays she runs when the camera comes out and sometimes she strikes a pose!

Cade had a great idea of playing "tag" on bikes. He wouldn't take no for an answer! He saw no danger in tagging while riding or bumping tires while riding! And bikes are no fun unless it is full speed ahead! He and Gracie both started riding when they were 3. He used to think it was a blast to ride super fast and then shove the bike forward while he feel down on his bottom! DAREDEVIL!

And Asa loved the gait trainer on the pavement...for 30 seconds and then he headed off road! Seriously, do you see all the parking lot he had to ride on behind him and he headed for the rough and the grass! Must have learned something from his brother! Asa really did manage well out there. He gets frustrated in the house cause he is always hitting something!

And Anna! She wouldn't get her picture made but the riding was actually her idea! The days are few when she wants to play with Cade and Gracie. Today was full of bike riding, jumping on the trampoline and riding on the trails in the woods! I'm not even sure she had her electronic devices with her today! :)

And I know they should have had helmets on! We left out with so much "stuff" and I didn't even think of them until we were on the road. I think we take for granted that it is "just" a bike and it is safe but we have learned a lesson about helmets from the real life experience of a neighbor! Next time I'll do better!

They are out of school again tomorrow but it is a day full of therapy and grocery shopping so nothing fun tomorrow!

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