Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ball games!

For all of my talk about Asa hating the ball games, he made it 4 hours at the ball park tonight!!! I am in shock! Gracie played at 5:45 and since it was a cooler day I thought I'd try taking Asa. Cade played at 7:30 and I really didn't think we'd make it to his game. I just knew Asa would be done before Gracie's game was over! Ha! Little guy proved me wrong! He was a little needy and jumping during Gracie's game but he sat in his chair the whole time for Cade's game! He had a Smarties sucker and made a huge mess but he was happy. He got a little tired of holding his own sucker so he took my hand and made me hold it! Silly boy!!!

After OT today, we went to Target (of course!). They have Dr. Pepper Icee in the cafe section now so we stopped there first! The guy at the counter asked if Asa wanted a crazy straw. I though he must think the icee is for Asa. I turned him down at first and then he offered again so I accepted. I stuck the crazy straw into Asa's juice box and he was in heaven!!! I am soooo thankful for Asa's ability to drink from a straw. This simple skill has been so handy!!! Oh and all during OT Asa did this happy "mmmmm" sound that he was doing all morning! Even some "mama" and once or twice a "b" in there! His speech therapist loves it when he won't make a sound for her but does all the "chatting" in other therapies!!

We have learned that we have to be careful with this new skill though. Late yesterday I gave Asa a juice box. Then while I was at the PTO meeting Barry gave him a juice box. Then he had a bottle and a half of Pedisure at bedtime! Can you say "STUFFED"!! He was soooo sick when I got home from the meeting. He was also sick this afternoon after school. Another reason I was shocked he made it all night at the park.

Tomorrow Cade and Gracie have awards day! Then they are supposed to go back to school on Friday. I know sooo many kids will be done after awards day! I can't wait. I know they both got a couple of awards. I'm sure I'll keep you posted tomorrow! :)

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