Friday, May 14, 2010

And so it begins!

Asa and I had a big morning today. Well, it was a biggie for me, Asa seemed clueless! We had a meeting here at home with his early intervention coordinator, his home teacher and a psychologist from the school system!!!

It went pretty well. I got some good info and ideas to think about as we speed towards October and his transition into the school system. Our system is doing some reorganizing and they are considering changing from a half day program to a full day program. And a whole school will be devoted to 3 and 4 year olds, special needs and typical programs. I also found out he'll wear a uniform like the big kids! So I'll be clearance shopping for tiny white polos and khakis!

Maybe I need to back up and explain that right now Asa's therapy is funded by Tennessee Early Intervention. I love all of our people in this group! They work with babies, birth to 3, and then the kids transition to the school system at 3 to get the therapy they need. Insurance only has limited therapy coverage and you'd be surprised to learn we used up Asa's insurance PT before March this year! So in order for Asa to get therapy he'll have to start school in October when he turns 3!!

I have so many mixed feelings about school! Asa really doesn't like other kids too much. His sensory issues make fun, exciting environments scary and overwhelming. I think school will be great if he can be in a smaller class where they can monitor how he is handling things to avoid a huge crash and reboot! I'm also wary of the therapy at school. School therapy is educational therapy. They have to get him ready to learn. They will work on him being able to sit in the chair in his classroom but not really be too concerned about him being able to climb the jungle gym. I'm not sure this will be a big deal in Asa's situation right now, but I know some families have to really fight to get services covered at school. Some school systems are just so poorly funded that there isn't staff or resources to really push for the kids. I never got that vibe today at all but I feel I'll need to be on my toes and ready to advocate if things go that way. I'm not confrontational at all so I think I'd have a hard time doing this. Like I said though, I never got that vibe today. I was so pleased with the meeting!

In August, Asa and I will go to the school and kinda browse around. Then in September we will have another meeting with the teachers and therapist from the school to set goals and make a plan (IEP) for Asa. Right now I kinda depend on Asa's therapist to set the goals. I offer input but I feel like they are the professionals so I listen to them mostly. With the IEP, I'll be offering much more insight and ideas so this makes me nervous. What if I leave something out or make a big deal about nothing. BUT, I'll study up and tackle that issue closer to the date. No need to waste a worry on it now!

I also worry about the full day schedule. I can't even imagine how that will work for Asa. Especially 5 days a week! I have tried to picture it and just can't see it!!! Full days would be great for me though! Think of all the free time I'd have! I already asked about volunteering and they do have a PTO type organization. I'm giving my treasure position at Denmark this year so maybe that will open some volunteer time up for me. Or maybe I'll just take a seat in the corner for a while.

And ya'll know how much I hate change! I love, love, love all of Asa's therapist now! I can't even imagine a better team! I just love the happy, friendly vibe of the therapy center, even the therapist who don't see Asa are soooo nice! I don't want to leave this environment for a drop him off at school thing where I don't know what is going on! That makes me sound like a controlling parent doesn't it?! A helicopter mom! I don't think I am but maybe I am and just don't see it! I just really, really like being in the know! I don't have to run the show, I just want to be invited! What is so bad about that?!

I will, however, be so glad when Cade and Gracie get out of school this year! The last two weeks have been full of field days and picnics and water day. I don't know how our PTO president and vice president managed these last 2 weeks!! And I was really no help! I volunteered so much before Asa but now I just can't. He isn't the kind of kid you just drag around with you. Instead you bend to him! In that way I am looking forward to him starting school. Maybe I can do the field trips and fun days and lunches again. I really do get heartbroken to have to miss these days. It is so much fun and a lot of work, but mostly fun!

Tomorrow Cade has ball pictures at 8am and a game at 9am. Then Gracie has pictures at 9 and a game at 10! Cade will have another game at some point that day we just aren't sure of the time. And Barry's family is having a reunion at lunch. I think our weekends are busier than the week! Maybe we should reverse it all and only go to work and school on the weekends and have the whole week to play! I like that idea better!! :)

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