Sunday, May 2, 2010

Complete washout

We had storms again last night. Tornado warnings, thunderstorms and lots of rain. When it was all said and done there was a lot of damage and schools are closed until Wednesday. Even going back on Wednesday will be tough. There are a lot of bridges closed and roads gone!

The roads in front of Barry's parents house is one that is out. We took pictures today, after all the rain was done and gone. The pictures I've seen when the water was really rushing are scary. So much destruction but thankfully, Bob and Judy and all their possessions are safe. Many aren't so fortunate. Several areas were flooded in the early Saturday storm and then again early this morning.

This is directly in front of Barry's parents house, on the main road. It is completely gone, all the way across.

It was very deep and was still crumbling away. We didn't get too close to the edge!!

This is the culvert directly across the road from the house. It is on a smaller road. Yes, 2 separate roads washed out in front of their house. Had this not washed out, their house would have been flooded.

This is at a house on Bob and Judy's road. The boat was on the trailer, under the carport and got washed away. I guess someone found the boat and tied it to a tree nearly 200 ft from the house!

And while in the 20 minutes it took for us to snap these pictures, they closed a bridge on the only road left to get out of the area. Praying this gets cleaned up quickly.

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