Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Schools out!

Cade and Gracie are done with school! Cade is now a 4th grader and Gracie will be in the 2nd grade! It is so exciting but so sad too. At awards day today I watched as Cade's group got awards. Many of these kids we've known since Kindergarten. I noticed this year how much older the kids looked. How mature. Like little people, not little kids. I can't believe Gracie's class will change in the same way. And then Asa will be coming along. We won't even discuss Anna and how her classmates have matured! With the makeup and hair, they certainly aren't the same kids from Kindergarten. You see how sad it all is?!

Gracie got 2 awards. One for perfect attendance and the other for straight A's. The all A's award was a big trophy. I could see Cade's mind churning! When it got to Cade's class, he got one award...perfect attendance! He got a trophy but it was small. He argued and argued with me that he had all A's and B's. Now really, with 3 kids getting report cards, 4 times a year, plus the progress reports, I kinda lost count of who had what grades. I know I'm a horrible parent but hey, this brain needed more room and something had to go!

Anyway we got home and I looked at his report card and he was right. He'd had all A's and B's, all year! So I called the school and they checked into it. He now has a trophy waiting for him at school! He has asked me a million times if I would go get it but I told him he could wait until tomorrow. He is a little obsessed about it though!

I didn't rejoice in the glory of summer too long though because I suddenly turned into a short order cook! I've got to quickly come up with a meal time game plan for the summer! Maybe I could talk them all into getting feeding tubes!

Oh and I forgot to tell you about our new OT plan! With Asa starting school and his sensory issues involving sound and crowds, we've decided it'd be good to try to expose him to busy situations in small amounts before school starts. Without realizing it we have seriously adjusted our lives to minimize these busy, loud situations for him. We eat out at odd times to avoid crowds or just do a drive thru. We don't take him to many functions to avoid the noise. We have really sheltered him, which is what you'd do too if your baby puked all over everything each time he freaked out over a crowd or noise!

Anyway, we now need to get him adjusted to these environments. So Mr. Jim suggested we play music at supper or even record the school lunch room noise and play that. I think we could get the same affect by taking him out to restaurants! And not the ones with drive thrus! Jim suggested it'd be a good idea to have his family along to offer OT tips and extra noise! Then Asa has been doing some touch screen computer work. I'm tickled about his abilities already! But how do you adapt that to the home environment? I'm thinking an iPad!!! Right?! So my next goal is to get insurance to cover meals out at restaurants and an iPad! Should be easy, right?!

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