Saturday, February 6, 2010

This is a Mickey button G-tube. The balloon part is inside Asa's belly and the other part is where we plug in extensions for a feeding. I'm posting this pic for a reason. The balloon normally holds 5ccs of water to keep the button in place. Too little water and the tube will pull out of Asa's stomach. Too much water and the balloon will pop. This is Asa's old tube. I put it in a monkey of Asa's and have used it to show people how to plug and unplug Asa.

Today Cade thought it'd be fun to see how much water the balloon will hold! He used a 5cc syringe and filled it in 5cc increments. Amazingly he filled it 15 times!! That is 75ccs of water before it popped!!!! I don't have pics of how big a "normal" balloon looks because this one exploded and the only other one we have happens to be in Asa's belly at the moment!!!

Before all of the balloon excitement, we went to Gracie's basketball game! This is our first experience with basketball and I love it! It is so much faster than the t-ball and baseball. Gracie is pretty athletic and competitive! She is one of 3 girls on the team but she gives the boys a run for their money!! She was rebounding like crazy today! That makes her DeeDee happy.....she was know for throwing her elbows around in highschool basketball!

And tonight we went to Memphis to meet with our mito group. There are only 4 families but lots of other support was there. There will be a big 5K in Millington on March 27th. It should be great and sounds impressive. I think it deserves a post of it's own, maybe tomorrow.

So how was your Saturday?!?!!

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Janis said...

YIKES!!! Good to know ;) We have a few extra Mic-Key's around here..for the stuffed animals of course!