Monday, February 8, 2010

"Where is Asa?"

That is a phrase that has been heard around here a lot the last 3 days! Especially today! He is a scooting wonder.

This morning he was in the trashcan that sits beside his highchair. It only has feeding bags and empty Pedisure bottles in it so no fear that he was in something nasty! He was dumping it all out though so Anna moved it into my bedroom. Guess where Asa went!!! Right in there too and continued to pull the bottles out!

Another time we lost him and he was in his room! It is so fun to find him playing alone but it also means we've got to baby-proof!! This scooting and adventuring is such a blessing. We didn't think we'd ever see this with Asa. Not that we weren't trying and praying for it but we were pessimistic, I guess.

Asa tone is so low. He can sit alone but not get into sitting. He can't bear much weight on his arms or for a longer period of time. And mostly he has lacked the desire to explore. He has always been happy to be in one place. Even when he learned to roll over, he didn't explore. He didn't roll with purpose. He didn't use his skill to get anywhere. He simply rolled for necessity. Onto his belly to sleep. Off his belly so he didn't have to work.

I'm excited that Asa learned to scoot but I'm more excited that wants to explore and interact with us and his surroundings! I just hope he doesn't find Cade and Gracie's bedrooms!! Then I'll be in trouble!

We also hung his swing up in the door way today so he could swing. He really likes that and it gave Gracie something to do!!!

We started the motility meds back this weekend. We are seeing increased motility but it from the wrong end! We have had some fun poop stories this weekend but don't worry, I won't share! He has eaten a little better but is still gaggier than I thought he'd be. I'm not sure what is going on.

Asa was so sleepy this afternoon. I changed his diaper and laid him down for a nap. I skipped the relaxing rocking since his eyes were almost closed. WRONG! He started screaming and left him alone to see if he'd calm back down on his own. Well, my smart little Gracie said, "I'd go get him if I were you. He is gonna puke." Sure enough the cry started sounding pukey so I went in and got him up. And yes, he did get sick!!! Isn't Gracie a smart cookie! Too bad she can't read his cues when she is in his face and he is giving her the "back away sista" cry! :)

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m_clement said...

Wow Asa! I am proud of your scooting and adventuring! Keep up the great work!

Lots of Love,
Meghan and Eric