Sunday, January 31, 2010

First sledding trip

Asa went sledding today!

I strapped him to me with the Snugglie and we walked to my moms! Boy that was tough. The snow was hard enough but strap a 26lbs. kid on the front of you and it was harder. His toboggan was all in my face. I had to hold onto Anna a few times. It was so funny! Asa loved it thought. It is funny because we tried the front carrier many times when Asa was small but it didn't work. Now at 2 years old, he can finally ride in it!!

I don't think I could make it back so Daddy pulled us on the sled behind the 4 wheeler. Asa doesn't like the 4 wheeler, in fact he hated it for a loooong time. He did whimper a few times but mostly he liked it. He even laughed when we went over a few little bumps!!

While we were at Moma's I ran the pump for Asa's lunch. He was in such a good mood though that I tried feeding him some applesauce. He ate it up! Then he wanted more. I found some Nutella and added it to a few more bites. He ate those bites too and the Nutella is loaded with calories! I'm gonna buy him some when we go the grocery store next. Judging by the snow it might be Wed or Thurs. though!!!

Tomorrow is a snow day and I'm hoping Asa sleeps past 6am! He woke up so early the last 3 mornings!!! On the mornings we can sleep in, Asa is up......figures!

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