Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frist post!

After getting pretty frustrated with the other site, I thought I'd try this out! I'm a little nervous. A "real" blog!!! For a while I'll do both blogs but if it goes well, I'll just start posting here. So if you've kept up with the Caring Bridge, then you are up to date already!!

Asa shredding toilet paper!!! So many inchstones!

We had another good day in the snow! You really should see us, we are a sight! Since we don't get snow often, we don't have much gear! When it does snow, we pull out the box of winter wear and start trying it all on. Gracie wears the coat that Anna had when she was little. We have lots of coveralls and snow pants (bought on clearance) but you aren't guaranteed that it'll fit perfectly! We are red-neck snow bunnies!! And we snow ski with water skis and dumpster lids and car hoods!!! And that is my confession for the day!!!! But we always have a blast!!!

Asa is fully bottom scooting!! Tonight he scooted about 20 feet, from in front of the TV into the kitchen! He has opened the drawer under the stove and played in my pans. He pulled out tons of plastic food storage containers and has them everywhere. He opened the cabinet under the sink where the cleaning products are. He also shredded a roll of toilet paper!!! It may finally be time to baby-proof! He is slow as molasses though so I think we could stop him but we don't want to at the moment!! I do have to roll the TP back up and use it, can't waste that Barry informed me!!!

He also ate 4 bites of potted meat today. Then he had diarrhea. He wasn't too thrilled with it either but it has a good texture to start with and strong flavors which he usually goes for. Not bad for a first try. I'll probably try more.

Ha, I just took the TP roll away and he went back to the package to try to get another out!!! Little stinker!! I love it!!!

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