Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OT hooky

I cancelled Asa's OT for today. He was coughing so loudly that I didn't want other parents to worry for their kids!! I really think he is fine, he has had no fever for 5 days, he is happy again and nothing is coming from the cough or the sneezes. But to be sure and ward off dirty looks from other parents I kept Asa home.

And that makes it one week since Asa has been out of the house! He rode to school with me one day to drop off the kids so I guess that counts but he didn't see anyone. So for 7 days he has only seen those of us who live in this house! Poor guy!!

When I was getting my shoes on to go pick up Cade and Gracie this afternoon, Asa knew something was up! He whined and scooted towards the back door, and I wasn't even there yet! I asked if he wanted to "go" and made a sign. I think it was the right sign but I'm not certain, 2 hands together and one points and moves off. Is that it? Anyway, it worked for me so I went with it full force! And Asa signed back!!! Not exactly like mine but close enough, one arm raised towards the door. He got the idea!! I was so happy and we did it a million times at home. I kept trying in the van and he wouldn't do it. Anna said it was because he was already "going" he didn't need the sign! Later tonight my mom came over and Asa got all excited and squeally when he saw her. He even tried to scoot out of my lap so I stood him in the floor and he stepped towards her!!! I asked if Asa wanted to "go" with DeeDee and he put his hands together and threw one towards the door!!! In a very clumsy way but it was "go"! I use a handful of signs with him all the time but he rarely gives them back. Most everything turns into a clap! :)

And of equal or even greater importance in this household, Asa likes this season of Wipeout!!! The TV show is hilarious and you can't help but laugh. All the laughing has always upset Asa. I mean, even the slight laugh where you shake but no noise comes out gets him. And when I say "gets him" I mean "sends him into a pukey mess"! Not the reaction you'd want for such a funny show! We watched tonight and Asa laughed at all the falls on his own. He was really into the show!!! I think we have a weekly tradition! Maybe this means America's Funniest Videos can be shown again too!

I finally got the 48 hour VEEG finalized with Vandy. It'll be July 23rd. We're hoping we can hook him up, scare a few episodes out of him and be home by dark! Ok, that is wishful thinking but I do hope he startles easily and we don't have to be there long!

And I got my info from our visit with Dr. K. I don't know why I wait for these notes and then get ill when I read all the ugly labels. The good news is his bloodwork looked good other than the immunology stuff. Mine was normal as well. She also sent some stuff so I could have some ammo in the fight for Q10 coverage with the insurance! Not sure I'll win but at least I have a weapon now. I'm not sure when I'll start the war though!!

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Debbie said...

getting myself updated...

glad things are going well for you guys. i know the icky feeling of reading clinic notes, all the medical mumbo-jumbo...

how do you begin to try and get vitamins covered...I should really look into that, and try and save some $$$