Thursday, July 1, 2010

Too tired to post...almost!

Today has been a looong day!!

Asa woke up at 5am and he did go back to sleep for several more hours but I stayed up. By noon I was wishing I had gone back to bed too!

Anna, Asa and I dropped Cade and Gracie off at school at 9am for their last day of Summer Bridging Academy. Today was just pizza and partying! I'm certain insane amounts of sugar was dosed out!!!

Anna, Asa and I headed on into town and made a couple of stops to shop for Anna new glasses. It has been 2 years since she had an exam and things were getting blurry for her. At 13, it seems the perfect glasses are hard to find! Remember we also shopped for new glasses last week!

At 10:45 Asa had PT. We have missed the last 2 PT sessions. Last week Asa was sick and the week before the PT was sick! I think Asa would have rather skipped today too! There is a little girl who has therapy at the same time as Asa. She is often rather amused by his squeals and complaints! Today Asa protested floor work quite loudly and Lauren thought he was funny! She was tickled at all his protesting. Asa was soon moved onto walking and was happier. He did a lot of walking today. I did a lot of silly dancing and slow motion running in order to keep him happy and moving!! I'm pretty sure there are hidden cameras in the building and a blooper reel of me "motivating" Asa!

At 11:30 Asa had feeding therapy. Feeding therapy in which he wouldn't try a bite! And again, I was doing my best motivation and still no bites! We are using the pump again to get him back on an eating routine! Since he was sick he started fasting again. If left on his own, he won't eat breakfast until 11:30 and his last meal of the day is at 5 or 6. So back to the pump while we try to get him back on a routine. On the plus side he has let me feed him cooked carrot slices this week and this morning he had nearly a whole mini muffin. I know it doesn't sound like much but it is!

After therapy, Anna and I grabbed lunch as we headed back out to school for the certificate presentation for summer school. The kids had 3 little songs that was really a treat. Sometimes these school performances can be draggy and long. This was NOT the case today! It was just really a treat! The kids all got a certificate for completing the classes and a toy. Cade picked a bag of candy! I think that sent his sugar levels on overload. He could not stay still all afternoon! And he was talking and talking and talking!! I can't imagine were he got that from!!!

We were back in town at 2:15 for Anna an eye appointment. By 3:15 we were back in an exam room!! See the above sugar comments!!! Seriously all the kids were good during such a long wait. Asa and I went back into the exam room with Anna. It was so much cooler in there and as he dimmed the lights to start the exam, Asa and I both relaxed! As the Dr. did the exam, "which is better 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or6", Asa was mesmerized!! The monotonous tone, the click of the equipment, the dim room, the coolness....ahhhh!! I asked if I could have an audio recording of the exam so he would drift off to sleep better at night!

Thankfully Anna found a pair of glasses, she still qualified for the kid price on lenses and the glasses will be in next week! I'm so glad to get that chore done!! After all the glasses stuff, we went to get Asa's WIC Pedisure. The kids all moaned when I mentioned this chore. It does take a while but then I'm done for the month! I wish I could shop for a month of our groceries at a time!

At this point it was 4 and Cade was having an end of season party for the baseball team at 7pm. We live 30 minutes from town so that was an extra hour of drive time. At this point it seemed more reasonable to stay in town and run a few errands and go to the party. My body wanted to come home and take a nap but that would have been a lot more driving. Tonight I think that extra hour driving would have been worth it!!

We went to the mall to make 2 returns. Anna has been talking about getting her hair cut for a while and she mentioned it again today. So off we went!!! She was so nervous but she had it cut off!!! She really looks so much older!!! I'm not sure this is a good thing! :) She loves it and it is very stylish and cute!! She was grinning ear to ear!!

So by now it is 6pm. Asa has had no nap. I have had no nap. Cade has had too much sugar. And off we go to a pizza party! Asa finally napped on the way across town. Somehow that 10 minute nap didn't cut it! As soon as we got seated in the restaurant, he got sick! I started to leave but I realized I had already paid and I really, really needed that chocolate pizza!!! So I gobbled up some pizza and left Cade and Gracie with Barry, who had come to the party after work!

We finally got home at 8pm and Anna sat Asa in his high chair in the kitchen. I was in the living room and she went upstairs. Asa was alone in the kitchen and he was soooo happy!! He was so quiet just playing and I'm sure he was thrilled to be in the quiet all alone. I started to "rescue" him several times but he was so content I didn't bother him! I finally got him and changed his diaper and he snuggled in to rock. It didn't take but 5 minutes and he was so relaxed and ready for bed!!! Poor guy was exhausted!!!

Cade and Gracie's reward for attending summer school is a trip to the movies. Do you think Asa could handle a trip to see Toy Story 3? I'm still debating that one!!! Maybe we'll just stay home and have a PJ day! I loooove PJ days!!! We'll see if I can get away with that!!!

Can I go to bed now, please!!!

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Debbie said...

this is why i am so happy to be far, far away from home and the "usual" routine!

sounds like you need to come to Vegas and hang with me for a while! ;)