Thursday, July 8, 2010

A fun night but a rough day

Asa has had a rough day today. He has been refluxing all day. In PT he spit up some and the whole time he was drooling this yucky drool. Needless to say, feeding therapy didn't go so well! He gagged and tried to poke his eyes out the whole time! He did better once he was working on language skills but feeding was a no-go!

He did perk up this afternoon and was eager for his lunch cup of Pedisure at 1pm, one hour later than usual. At 4pm we had a treat of soft serve chocolate ice cream and I fed some to Asa. OK, I fed a lot to Asa! He loved it and used "more" many, many times. He has had trouble with chocolate numerous times but I still keep giving it to him. How can one go through life without chocolate?! Well, tonight he was gagging again and spitting up and refluxing. I won't blame it solely on the ice cream though since he'd been like this all day, but it was worse tonight!

We stopped the Reglan a week or so ago and maybe that is the reason for the bad reflux. I started it again tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be better. It has to be a miserable feeling to be refluxing all the time! I remember how horrible I felt when I was pregnant and had reflux. YUCK!!

Last night, my mom, Anna, Cade, Gracie, Timothy (my nephew) and I went to see Chris Tomlin and tobyMac in concert. Chris Tomlin is an amazing praise and worship leader. His music and words are so uplifting and moving. Several of his songs just bring tears to my eyes! tobyMac, on the other hand, is a middle aged, white guy, Christian, rapper. Sounds like a likely combo, right?! But it was great!!! I'm not sure how much the boys like Chris Tomlin but all the kids loved tobyMac!! Moma had to go into the hallway and put toilet paper in her ears!! He was really loud and you really couldn't understand the words like you can on the radio but thankfully I know all the words to his songs since we have a dozen of his CDs around here!! :)

Midway through toby's performance, the music stopped and toby had gone off stage and was standing in the middle of the audience, very close to us!!!! The stage was so busy no one had even noticed that he left and made it through the crowd!!! He sang several songs right there!! It was a great night!

Today I realize how old I am!! My hands are bruised from clapping like crazy! My arms are tired from the clapping and swaying and all you do at concerts! And lastly, I didn't join in ALL of the jumping around because I realized that after 4 kids you have to be cautious of jumping around unless you are wearing a Depends!! Next time I'll know better!!! :)

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