Saturday, July 17, 2010

Long lost friends

Do ya'll remember me? Is anyone even checking in? Is your summer as busy as mine and you've had ZERO time to blog surf?!

I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged last. More importantly, I can't believe that last weekend I was enjoying some girl time! LOL, seems like much longer ago!

We've had VBS at church this week and with all the "regular" appts we have, it was one busy week! I love VBS week and the theme this year was Saddle Ridge Ranch so the western decor was lots of fun too! It take a ton of energy to have 5 days of VBS though. And energy is something I could use more of! It was so worth it though. The nights actually went by quickly and the kids were so smart and fun. I have lots of cute tales! Tomorrow is family night and then it will officially be done for another year.

Asa stayed home with Barry since he isn't exactly a night owl! Plus, the loud, excited kids aren't his thing either! Barry would walk in from work and I'd leave with the big kids. By the time we got home at 9, Barry and Asa would be in the bed! I have to say, I didn't like not seeing my hubby and having a family supper together. Asa was pretty clingy this week and I wondered if it was because no one was home all evening with him. He notices when you are putting on shoes to go and he gets excited. He was pretty upset a few nights cause we left him.

Asa's eating isn't any better either. We've added the Reglan back and he still isn't interested in food. He is even gagging and refusing again. I'm using the pump every morning and even some of the afternoons. This roller coaster is so frustrating! He did eat several bites of my baked sweet potato tonight. I put some in a bowl and he played in it! He got really messy!! He likes to get his feet involved and kept putting him foot on the table. He even rubbed some sweet potato into his toes. Strange kid!!

We've been playing some hand games and he really gets it! He can do "Wheels on the bus" when I start singing it. He does the "round and round" part and the "swish, swish" for the wipers. He also has "Patty Cake" down. He knows where his eyes, nose, ears, belly button, Mickey button, toes and hands are. I can also ask "Who is a big boy?" and he raises his arms up high!!! I know these things seem insignificant but to us they are huge!! Just some of the inchstones that we celebrate around here!!!

Do you have time for a few funnies from VBS? I had the Kindergarten class which should mean they have finished K but it ended up the smaller kids class had a lot so I took a few of the older 4's and 5's too. I had 4 kids most night so we had lots of time to get to know each other and chat! One little bitty told me she didn't like the skin of her apple slices we were having for supper. I said that was fine just don't eat that part. But I also mentioned that the vitamins live in the red part so she should try a bite or two. Later I noticed this same little girl licking her apple skin...she'd already eaten the apple part! I asked why she was doing that and she informed me she was getting the vitamins off. I tried to convince her it needed to be chewed but she was convinced she could see the vitamins and was licking them off! She soon had the other 3 kids convinced and they were licking their apples too! Sorry parents!

I also had to do a lot of reminding about how we behave when someone is praying. Hands and feet still, head bowed, quiet, talking to God...nothing too difficult. Twice I was told my prayers made them want to go to sleep and once I even heard some soft, playful snores while I prayed! NICE!! And I thought I was keeping my prayers shorter for the kids! LOL!

I really do love VBS! It is a lot of work but the church is so alive with energy during VBS week. And not just the energy from the Kool-aide and candy, though there was plenty of that! I mean alive with the energy of kids who are just discovering the teachings about Jesus and God and salvation. Many of our kids have grown up in church but we get to cover a lot of truths in this week and the kids really have a good time learning how to apply the lessons to their lives! It is an exciting time for all of us!

I'm not sure our days are gonna slow down until school starts back in 2 weeks. There is still a lot to do between now and then though. Asa has his 48 hour EEG at Vandy on Friday. Hopefully we can get what we need and be out on Saturday morning. I'll be glad to get this test done!!!

Thanks for hanging on my friends who are still around! I have some pics to post but that'll have to be another night! :)

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Anonymous said...

Kim, I'm glad to know all is well with you and yours. I had checked your blog several times and no updates since your Women's conference. After reading about VBS I TOTALLY know why no blogs!(Literally!) We also had VBS at FBC this past week - mornings and I worked with those who had just finished Kindergarten (We had 31 enrolled- highest day we had 27. We were a self-contained group with three rooms to rotate in and out of - my corner was crafts- lots of fun- had plenty of helpers [Planned for 40 so plenty of crafts ready to go each day]. It does require A LOT OF ENERGY, but oh so much fun. Glad you all had a great week. Reading your blog brought back lots of fond memories of VBS at your church! Yes, the Saddle Ridge Ranch theme was lots of fun. [Next year's theme takes us to the Big Apple (New York City)...wonder how we'll decorate for that... skyscrapers, taxi cabs.. etc.] Glad everyone is o.k. We'll pray for Asa's appetite to improve! Know that is sooooooo frustrating. Much love to all. Mrs. Margaret