Monday, July 5, 2010

Our loooong weekend!

We have had a great, long weekend. Barry has been off work for 4 days, practically unheard of! Today we took Cade and Gracie to see Toy Story 3 to celebrate the end of summer school. Sure, that sounds like a bribe but whatever! They went to summer school and I rewarded them! The movie was cute. Asa stayed home with Anna and napped the whole time we were gone! He was one tired puppy!! I did have thoughts of taking him with us but given is sensory issues I changed my mind. He has gotten so much better with that stuff and many times he enjoys things that used to make him so scared and then sick. Anyway, the movie was loud so I'm glad I didn't take him.

He is so up and down with the noise issues lately that it is any ones guess how he'll react to a situation these days. For instance, Barry took Asa home during church on Sunday because a little girl was kinda loud and Asa was freaking out. She wasn't overly loud and it didn't bother the other little girl in there but Asa was upset! Barry tried taking Asa to another room but that didn't work so they came home. Makes me wonder about how school will go!

But then the fireworks! Wow, the fireworks!! We had ear covers for Asa to wear when we shot fireworks but I still thought he'd end up going home. I was helping get the next fireworks ready so Barry was holding Asa. He said at first Asa resisted the ear covers but then after they left them off for a second Asa realized how loud it was and didn't bother them again. He sat happily in Barry's lap while we shot fireworks and he laughed! Yes, my boy who startles and cries when someone gets ice in a glass, when I sneeze, when Cade shoots a Nerf gun...he LAUGHED at the fireworks! All the fireworks! Each time they went up, he giggled!!!

Man, if had known that would be his reaction, I could have saved myself some embarrassment! I went to the fireworks store on Saturday and asked for fireworks that didn't make too much noise! The guy just looks at me and then another kid comes over. I tell him I'm looking for quiet fireworks. He sent me to the sparklers! What I meant was that I wanted the ones that go high and pop with pretty colors and falling sparks. Not fireworks that have lots of noise but very little pretty. Is that so hard?! I skipped the ones that said "whistler" or "screamer". Asa really, really liked my selections. And the other kids did too, mostly. Although it was a tough crowd and we had some boos! HA! We all really had a great time!!

And Asa ended the night with his first ever sleep over!!! My mom has stayed here with him several times but this time he stayed at her house while the rest of us camped out. She said he did great and she looks forward to making this a weekly ritual! LOL, kidding!! She has some of the kids nearly every weekend but this was Asa's first stay. I'm so glad he slept well and he took 2 cups of Pedisure for her, one before bed and one first thing in the morning! I've been having a hard time with the first morning cup and have resorted to the tube more often than not for this feeding! WTG, Asa!!!

So our July is off and running and won't be slowing down anytime soon! On Wednesday, a bunch of us are going to see TobyMac and Chris Tomlin in concert. Friday and Saturday, I'm attending a women's conference. It is local so I won't be going away overnight (that has it's pluses and minuses!!). The next week is our VBS. The next Friday is Asa's 24 hour EEG and Saturday is a family get together. The last Friday of the month Asa will graduate from Early Intervention with a little ceremony. That Saturday is the Mito meeting at Vandy. And then school starts back on Monday!!! I think that just leaves a few hours for sleeping the whole month! I guess it is good to stay busy, right!

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Clara-Leigh said...

What time is the concert and where can I meet you.....SOOOOOOO excited for you!! And the conference, that a blast!! I am so glad to see you doing these kinds of things AND having wonderful family support...HUGE BLESSINGS!!

Also delighted to see your noise boy, like Garrett, is finally not freaking out over fireworks!! Isn't that encouraging?!?!

Thank you for the post on my blog. I, too, hope it is not the Carnitor. I have been one hour late on our schedule since being in MT, so fixing that means he will get everything at 4 instead of 5, so that may be a huge help. I'll keep your method of weaning slowly onto the 4:00 dose in mind too if this keeps happening. I think it might be night terrors....the girls never had those, scary to me either way!!!!

Off to get Oscar from the airport! He's been away in Alask for two and a half weeks!!! We now have three weeks with him here and then all fly home together...YAY!!!

Hugs to beautiful Asa and you!!!!!