Friday, July 30, 2010

School, school and more school!

We had open house at Cade and Gracie's school last night. I'm so excited for both of them this year! Both classes seem great and I know both teachers. The whole school had a fun, busy, exciting vibe last night. It felt great to be sending them back!! They start again on Monday!!

And then today Asa had a graduation ceremony for Early Intervention. EI is the birth to three program here. Each state has a birth to three program and if you know of a little one who seems to be falling behind with their skills or just need peace of mind, you can get an evaluation for free. EI pays for Asa's therapy right now, after insurance. Asa has a home teacher who comes here to play with him each week too. I've been so happy with everything EI has done, we've had no problems at all. When Asa turns 3 in October he will no longer be covered under EI. That is why he will start school. Insurance doesn't pay for very much therapy at all so in October the school system will be in charge of Asa's therapy. He will go to school and get therapy there. He won't have his other therapist. The therapist who have been with him nearly his whole life! But that will be a post for another day...when I have more tissue!

So EI has a little ceremony for the kids who will turn 3 during the school year as well as those who go to the daycare they have. So Asa took a cap and gown picture a few weeks ago. He got a special graduation t-shirt. And this morning off we went to the ceremony. I was hesitant because this was just the situation he'd freak out about. But if he were to freak out then these were the people who'd understand the best! So off we went!

This is Asa trying to put on his graduation t-shirt. Obviously we need to work on his self dressing skills but he does love clothes!!!

Some kids from the daycare sang some songs. They had a little tap dance routine. There was lots of clapping and cheering. Asa was startled! But he didn't get sick!! He DID. NOT. GET. SICK!!! Maybe because I didn't feed him before we left and he had an empty tummy. I think though it was more due to the fact that he let all that excited energy out in other ways!

Have you ever held a frightened kitten? They claw and scratch and try to climb to the top of your head! That was Asa!!!! He would only stand in my lap, facing me. Each time there was clapping, he grabbed my ears, pulled my head into him and stepped all over me trying to climb onto my head! That is the only way I can describe it! He'd be fine, then there'd be clapping, then I was attacked! He yanked my glasses off 3 times and he has never taken my glasses off! Who knows what my hair looked like by the time his name was called. It was all really funny and I'd rather be climbed on than puked on any day!!!

Asa got his certificate and we got pictures with his therapists that were there. It was a fun morning.

And if each day was like this, I wouldn't be looking forward to school starting so much!

Gracie has been mothering Asa a lot lately. I did type "mothering" not "smothering" right?! There is a fine line with her! At least twice lately she has taken him to her room and tried to get him to take a nap. She has a whole system she goes through. It has never worked...until today!!! She laid him on her bottom bunk. She talked to him and rubbed him. She went and got a CD player and his bedtime CD. She sat it all up. And he went to sleep!! And then she covered him up. And then she switched blankets. And the she kissed him. And then we took pictures. Do you see were the smothering comes in yet! He did take a nap on her bed for about 20 minutes and then he rolled off the bed. YEP, off the bed. Head first. But don't worry he never hit the floor because his body was wedged between a little table and her bed! He dangled upside down for 10 seconds and he was fine! He never got sick!! I call that a pretty successful stressor filled day!!

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