Thursday, July 22, 2010

Live for Vandy!

Asa and I are spending the night at Vandy! Asa is having a 24 hour EEG done. It may last longer. :(
I guess that would be a good thing in the sense that he isn't having frequent seizures but who really wants to in the hospital more than they have to. It is thought that Asa is having startle seizures...meaning he gets startled and it causes a seizure. So in theory we can startle him, induce a seizure and go home. Only problem is, I can't get him to startle!! He cracked up in the elevator (and I can't tell you how crazy that is), he laughed at the remote control car that terrified him yesterday, even the torture of getting all hooked up didn't do it! He screamed enough but not a full on episode.

As bad as it sounds, I hope he freaks out tomorrow! Or the kid that is wandering the hallway yelling may do it tonight! As for me, I'm going to bed!!

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