Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New adventures

I've found a new and exciting blog that I've been following, Babies with iPads!!! It is just what it says, babies who use an iPad!! I had already loaded a few apps on my iPhone that were helpful for Asa but this lady has so many more ideas!!! I now have a whole page of apps just for Asa my iPhone! I got some ABA apps for free in April during autism awareness. Then I got 2 apps that make loud noises while we were in Vandy for the EEG. I tried to use them to get a startle but Asa just laughed! Now I have 2 AAC apps, Tap To Talk and MyTalk Lite. I adapted the MyTalk a little with our pics but both were free and I haven't decided if I want to pay for one and adapt it to Asa's needs. I also got (for free!) the Peek a Boo Barn and he is good at it! I may pay for the full version. Look Baby is fun but it is probably to babyish for most kids. Then I have 2 coloring and light apps, Spawn Lite and Glow Coloring. Anna taught me that if you like a pic on the screen you can take a picture of it! Fascinating!!! The app I'm most unsure about is one with pics of animals and when he touches the animal, it makes a noise. Asa isn't too crazy about animals so he really doesn't like this one at all. I'm hoping he'll grow into it though.

And I'm sure that was all completely boring and random unless you have a little one you are trying to entertain while you are on the go!

And for some fun news...Asa went on a slip and slide tonight! Some of the youth from church rolled out some wide black plastic on a hill beside the church. They used a water hose to turn it into a slip and slide! It was so much fun. Add some baby shampoo and some pool floats and you have yourself a water park ready attraction. Ok, maybe not that good but it was fun! As they finished up I took Cade and Gracie over cause I knew they'd love it and they did!! I decided to let Asa ride while I sat on a floaty. He laughed and kicked and splashed in the water at the bottom! This was the first time Asa has ever even been down a slide. Can you believe that! I don't know why I never tried it before. We may have a new adventure tomorrow on the swingset, unless it is hot and humid again!

Oh and it is popsicle week at the therapy center so Cade and Asa both left with a green popsicle! Asa could barely wait to get to the car and get a bib on. It did keep him cool since the car was so hot though! Now, how can I keep popsicles frozen in the car while we do all our other errands?!

Oh and I started Christmas shopping today! Yay!! I several things checked off my list. I had Cade with me so I was limited on what I could get for my own kids!! I've taken the first step though so I feel better! Last year I waited much too long to start and was panicking when I hadn't finished by Dec. 1st. I have no plans to wait that long this year!!


Debbie said...

catching up and looking at all the EEG pics...super cute, seemingly very happy little guy considering the misery I hear when H is hooked up. What a trooper!

He looks like he is doing really well...and did I read he is not having any seizures???What wonderful news...God Bless him!

Emma said...

Thanks for linking to this blog. Very interesting.