Monday, June 28, 2010

A better day

Asa is fever free and he was happy today! The down side is his nose is stuffy and he is sneezing and coughing. Nothing is coming out of his nose (not sure if that is good or bad) and his coughing isn't making him puke! So I consider all that a pretty good day!

Asa played in the floor a lot today. He scooted to Gracie's room and later watched some TV in Cade's room. He scooted from the kitchen to the living room several times today and even got the gait trainer around in the living room some. That requires a lot of leg strength since we have carpet! There are many days I just want to yank the carpet out and use the bare floor underneath!! It sure would make getting around easier for Asa! Barry may come in one evening to carpet laying outside!

And Asa has a new past time. The treadmill is our living room. Sad but true! Asa does some gait trainer work on it and occasionally Barry and I use it too! :) Cade and Gracie get on 10 times a day though. They only last 2 minutes but it is like they can't walk through the room without stepping on it. So Asa's new past time is to put toys on the belt while someone is walking on it! It cracks him up!! He thought of this all on his own. My nephew Jack was walking on it and Asa was sitting in the floor and just laid his toy on the track! Then it became a game. I'm not sure it is beneficial in any way and it is likely not a good idea but it is so fun to see him playing!!

Asa also went swimming today. It is has been too hot to even swim the last few weeks! Even in a pool, when the temp outside is in the high 90s, Asa will oveheat. Today was much more bearable and we filled his little pool with cool hose water and warm (hot?) pool water. He sat and played for 30 minutes. Cade went over towards him and Asa reached up for Cade to get him out. Cade brought him to the big pool and Asa had the best time!! He didn't get scared or startled one time...despite Cade and Gracie's best attempt, I think! He really didn't want to get out but he'd been out an hour and I didn't want to push my luck!! Even after all that swimming he wouldn't take a nap!

Oh I did use the pump 2 times today. Asa just looked thinner in the face to me and he wanted to skip breakfast. I tried to get him to try the cup and applesauce and yogurt and then I gave up and plugged in the pump. He need a good 4 bottle of Pedisure day. He really isn't even been getting 3 full bottles and very little orally so he needed this. I'm afraid to push the feedings too much cause we know when he is full, he is full and it'll all come back on ya!! Tomorrow will likely be an oral day but since we were at home I wanted to be sure he got all the good stuff he could handle!

I took him off the Reglan a few days ago. He was crabby and ill and then sick so I couldn't really tell what might have triggered the change. I dropped the Reglan and kept the Q10 and he is feeling better. I may add it back later when things aren't so iffy. It is hard to know if you see a true side effect or something from another cause but when I can control a side effect I'm gonna try to!

I cancelled OT tomorrow cause Asa is coughing so bad, especially when he is busy. Nothing is coming out and he doesn't have fever but he sounds so bad that I'd probably leave if I walked in to that sound!!! I really want to do PT and feeding this week since we missed last week so I'm hoping he drops this stuff by then!

Oh and craziest thing! I've been doing a lot of research (ok, googling) today....I know, shocking!! but I came across a blog of another Asa who is almost 3 and has mito! I'm not kidding!!! And I was googling a doctor's name and clinic not anything about a kid or blog! How crazy is that!! Wow!

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