Sunday, June 13, 2010

A birthday and golfing

Today is Barry's birthday! Facebook already let the cat out of the bag that he is 43!!! From now until November, Barry is 10 years older than me!! We met and married when I was 18 and he was 28!! I can't blame my moma for the panic she must have felt! I'm sure there is a whole post (or 2 or 3) in our summer courtship! Maybe another day!

Anyway today is his birthday and I think it has been less than stellar! He deserves a locker room visit with the Titans, a big ole steak supper, a whole theater rented out just for him with whatever he chooses to see, a new lawn mower and one of those new V-6, 305 hp Mustangs they keep showing on TV. And I'm sure he has a ton more man dreams but that is all I can think of off the top of my head!

But he didn't get any of that. In fact, he is having a hot dog for supper, although it is an all beef hot dog! He made coffee and ironed church clothes, just like any other day. He endured my nagging and bossing all day. He rocked Asa to sleep and put him to bed, just like normal. This week, he spent 4 days driving me to a doctors appt 3 states away. It has hardly felt like a birthday at all!

Barry endures more than anyone really knows, I'm sure! He works a difficult, demanding job and then comes in to me just waiting for him to help with Asa some. Thankfully, Asa is much better and I'm not quite so ragged when he gets in! He still does Asa's bedtime 90% of the time though! He helped coach Cade's baseball team this year. The last 2 seasons, he helped coach Gracie's team. He even helped out with her team a time or two this year when they needed him. He rides 4 wheelers with Cade, will drop nearly everything to come fix a toy or DVD player or something, work on the pool, , or kill bugs! He will spend 10 minutes at bedtime to vacuum a couple of ladybugs out of Anna's room at night! I was sooo over that long ago, she can just make friends with them and go to bed!! I know many people see the mothering role as the selfless but I'm not a 1/10th as selfless as Barry Wilson!

He works hard to provide for our family! He does a job the right way, the first time and he doesn't stop until a project is done! As a procrastinator, I can't understand that work ethic! He keeps our yard mowed and looking nice, he changes the oil in my van at 3000 miles (whether it needs it or not!) and he will cook and do laundry if needed!

He is one great guy!!

And here is how he spent his birthday....

He played golf for the first time today! We had to drive by a golf course for some of Gracie's ball games. Gracie up and decides that she wants to play golf, she thinks she'd be good at it...I don't think we'll have to worry about her self esteem at all! So my uncle and cousin play golf and they let Barry and Gracie tag along today! Barry was really pretty decent and Gracie, well, Gracie thought she was good! She did do OK but she was soooo funny. She looked at the score card one time and said "I wonder who is winning" completely oblivious to the fact that she hit 3 times as much as anyone else! I may have created 2 golf monsters!!!

I know it wasn't the dream birthday that many men dream about but I'm betting Barry won't complain...much!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Happy Birthday have a wonderful family!!!

V~ said...

WOW! What an awesome Dad & husband ~ a truly good guy!!

Happy Birthday to Barry!

Amber said...

I knew we had a lot in common! :) I was 18 when we were married too...Jay wasn't as old as Barry, but he was 24.

Happy Birthday Barry!