Thursday, June 10, 2010

Houston in pictures

Houston trip 2010

This is how Asa had many meals on the road! He preferred to drink his cup in the carseat rather than in a restaurant or hotel room. I'm just thankful he learned to drink from a straw!! No feeding tube on this trip!!

He also enjoyed a fair share of Dum Dum suckers in the carseat! For some reason he kept putting it on his foot and then tasting his foot! It made for some great entertainment!!

Sunday morning outside New Orleans, eating the free breakfast! Asa sucked down his Pedisure from his straw cup (YAY!) and spent the rest of breakfast putting his spoon in the flower center piece! BTW, I love making hotel waffles!

Aquarium in New Orleans
This is when we first got inside. Asa loved the walk through aquarium but it was hard to get a good picture. He could roll right up to this one and really loved it so he put his feet up! Notice the sweaty was HOT!

This is upstairs at the aquarium in front of a school of fish! Asa had gotten sick at this point and the chair was reclined and he was out of it.

Baton Rouge, LA
I was secretly distracting Cade by telling him to pose by various tropical plants. lol

Snuggles in the mornings! Asa and I slept together and Cade and Barry slept together. Turns out Cade talks in his sleep and Asa is a wiggle worm!

After Houston

The mito clinic hands out these "Mito Mike" turtles. His shirt says "slow and steady wins the race". Asa has never liked stuffed animals but he actually took to this one for a while. He even gave him love and put him on his head! I was very impressed!!

This is back in Louisiana at a rest stop. We fed some ducks at this stop!

And this is my best travel advice! If you have a lot of chargers, pack them all on a power strip and charge them in the same place. Then when you are packing up you won't forget one! Cade brought tons of electronics and only played with the DS!

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