Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Asa does OT....alone!

Last week Asa's OT mentioned that maybe it'd be a good idea for Asa to come back to therapy alone. He has a student now so there are plenty of hands to care for Asa. And Asa has been very clingy lately! So today, Mr. Jim met me in the waiting room and took Asa from me and went to the therapy room. I kept listening for crying of screaming but never heard any! I wondered if they had sound proof walls and doors! Turns out Asa did really well! Huh, he didn't mind being away from me for 45 minutes! Who'd thunk it!! So this will be our plan from now on. I've wondered if I haven't been a pest by coming into all the therapy rooms and being an active participant in therapy. They all tell me it is fine (and even wanted) but clearly Asa did better in OT without his moma's lap to cuddle into! Such a big boy!!

It is a good thing we were already prepared for an alone therapy. I didn't have a babysitter and took Gracie and Cade both with me! It isn't unusual for me to take one buddy to therapy but I'd never take both. My babysitter is away at youth camp this week! I can't believe Anna is big enough to go to youth camp. It is a great camp, here in town. They are staying at a local church and doing service projects during the day and having services at night! This is so far outside Anna's comfort zone that I was afraid she'd chicken out. But she didn't and she went ahead. I just pray she is enjoying herself and learning a lot. I'm glad this camp is more centered towards helping others rather than a big party!

I also have some big news that I was keeping quiet for the moment. Asa hasn't used the tube since Friday!!! I know.....crazy good! I'm almost afraid to mention it for fear he'll quickly regress! He had been on the Reglan for a week and I just decided to see what would happen if I gave him a sippy cup of Pedisure on Saturday morning! He took it and hasn't looked back!! So far we are only up to applesauce, yogurt, Pedisure and apple juice. And we've had to use some tricks, like this morning he had yogurt and Pedisure (from a straw cup) while he was in the tub! He impressed me by having applesauce in McD's at lunch! His environment usually has to be controlled but he handled that like a pro! Now I am by no means taking the tube out but this is one small step forward! Now only to worry about textures and self feedings!

He also handled the ball park tonight! Again my babysitter is at camp! I bought a Frogg Togg and put it behind him in the chair. It kept him cooler and happy. Just when I was beginning to give up on evening feeding and was ready to use the tube, he took a juice box and a sippy of Pedisure. So far I'm loving the Reglan and we are only doing a small dose at night. I do think it makes him sleepy so we are only doing the night time dose for now. If he needs a daytime dose I'm not sure well keep it up. His tummy is sooo much happier though. He hasn't puked since we started the Reglan! He was puking every. single. night!

So a short recap. I'm lonely without Anna! Asa does better in OT without me. The Reglan seems to be working, no puking and more eating. He has been tube free since Friday. And the Frogg Toggs are a cheap, easy way to keep cool!

Oh but the best tip I have for the day....
After therapy, I took Cade, Gracie and Asa to Best Buy to get a cover for my phone. I didn't find a cover but we spent 30 minutes playing the Wii and Xbox 360! Asa loved watching them play and even tried his hand out at the Wii! We also played with the iPad!! There was a piano app and Asa loved tapping it! But he knew right away which button made the screen change! How did he know to go for that when there was sooo much else to tap?! Guess he'll have to wait on the iPad if he is just gonna push the home button over and over! :)

So while some mother's take their kids to the library for story hour, we spent an hour playing at Best Buy! Add that to the "Good Parenting 101" handbook!! ;-)


m_clement said...

Way to go Asa on not using the tube! Wow, Kim, I am glad the Reglan is working so well for him. It helped Eric's tummy so much, but unfortunately we had messy side effects that we had to worry about. So glad things are going well...ahhh...and no puke! That has to be the best!


Kim and Asa said...

Meghan, we are seeing a little of that side effect too! Right now it actually helpful but I can see how it would be a bad thing. I'm hoping it doesn't get to that point!!! I know this could just be the honeymoon with the Reglan but I'll enjoy it while I can!

Heidi said...

He-He, Best Buy, that sounds like somehthing I would do! But I leave with an empty wallet! Note to self, taking 3 little gamers with you isnt such a great idea! I do need a new camcorder though...my ccanon has been a lemon and the tapes thing is sooo not today!

YAY on the FEEDING!!! whooo-Hoo ASA, so proud of you! I never got that far. But I agree with you on keeping the therapy up, I mean she sounds like great company Kim, LOL.

These pics are sweet, I love the last one. Ive taken many just like that one, awwww the memories :)

AND NO you cant remove that tube with all the meds our kiddos get anyway! HUGS, have a great week :)
Heidi & Jack.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim and family, So great to read of Asa's advancements (Inch-stones!) I was telling David this AM about Asa standing up in the chair, and now I have been reading the latest post about no tube feedings since last Friday! And fun pool time! Wow! God continues to bless in various ways! We prayed for each of your family by name this morning. Trust this is another great day. Love, Mrs. Margaret