Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day early

I'm blogging from a nice cool, comfy hotel near New Orleans! Next to me is a sweet, sleeping baby. Cade is enjoying cartoons on the hotel satellite! Barry is resting from the long drive. And I'm so thankful to be here!

Cade's baseball season ended last night and we decided to leave for Houston a day early. We could do this because a great friend offered her hubby's travel points to pay for hotel in Houston! And they didn't stop there but also sent out an email to his coworkers and got our other rooms covered as well!!! You really can't ever tell where God's blessings are gonna come from!!!

Since Moma was keeping the girls we decided to take off a day early and spend tomorrow showing Cade some sights. He is perfectly happy in a hotel with cartoons though!

Asa made the trip great. He really surprises us and keeps us on our ties with travel. On trips we don't allow extra time, he needs it. On trips we give him plenty of stops, he doesn't need them. In fact, the ONE time we got him out today he freaked out so he got back in van!! Guess it has become his comfort zone too!

And if Asa's SLP was around today, I probably would have given her a hug!! I just poured a bottle of Pedisure into a Take n Toss cup with a straw and handed it back to Asa and he drank it!!!! Yep, it was the easiest thing ever!! You should see my packing though. I'm not sure he'll make the whole trip without the tube so I brought tube supplies as well as cups, Pedisure, applesauce, yogurt and extras! When you add in our snack box and cooler, we should be all set for meals!

So good night from New Orleans.

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Cheryl and Bricen said...

What a blessing your hotel rooms are covered!!! Hope you guys enjoy the sights and have a good visit with Dr. K. I can't wait to see her next month.