Friday, June 18, 2010

Asa was still pretty clingy and needy today but I did see a ray of sunshine today!

While we were doing some cuddling, I asked Asa where his nose was. And he covered his nose with both his hands! Then when I asked where his ear was he stuck one finger in his ear! He had some trouble with his eyes but I think he knows where they are. When I asked about teeth, he chomped with his teeth! He already consistently shows us where his belly button is and his toes, he loves his toes! So I was very impressed with his self awareness skills. Not so thrilled when he got obsessed with sticking his fingers in my mouth to investigate MY teeth!

And I may be on to why he is so out of sorts. He has had his hands in his mouth so much more the last few days. Even though he is a little more oral, he still doesn't really gum his toys or hands...unless he is teething. Now trying to look into an oral defensive kids mouth is not an easy task so I've had no such luck at naming which tooth may be causing the trouble. In fact, he is behind on teething and when they do poke their heads out, the teeth still take a while to completely come in. So I'll keep on with my Motrin trick and hope it gives us both some relief!

On the eating front things went well again today. He had a yogurt and some mushed up Spaghettio's for lunch. I just fork mashed the Spaghettios so it was quite textured and he did fine. He also took a cracker to his mouth and licked it all on his own today! And I pinched him off some buttered toast and he opened for it. After several bites he picked the toast up and licked it on his own. I know licking seems weird but for him to just take food this far is huge!!! I'm so tickled!

I still haven't heard anything from Dr. K's office about the blood work we had done a week and half ago. I'm waiting for any results before I call our neuro to schedule the EEG. I did call our local hospital and another clinic to see if we could have the EEG done here but it was a no-go. They can both do the EEG but not the 23 hour video EEG. I tried to tell them we could bring our own video camera!! So looks like that will have to be done at Vandy! Boy I can't wait...insert sarcasm!! :)

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Cheryl and Bricen said...

Sounds like Asa (and you) had a great day (minus a little clinging). Love him putting both hands over his must have been too cute