Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Asa is sick

Asa pukes every night! How is that for an opening line!! And I mean he pukes, not spit up! We kinda get used to it. The Reglan helped for a while but now it doesn't seem to be helping.

So tonight Asa took 2oz of Pedisure from his straw cup, sat the cup down and puked. Not so odd here, unfortunately. But when I cleaned him up he felt warm and limp. His eyes were red too. That is kinda odd. I took an underarm temp and it was normal. We almost always have to get a rectal temp to be accurate with him though. Since he'd been inside all day there was no reason for him to be so warm unless it was a fever.

So the night progressed to lots of dry heaves and noodle boy. He was oh so crabby too. He did doze on the couch for a while but I woke him up when I tubed in 2oz of Pedilyte. He kept that down for a hour so I tubed another 2oz. Hopefully he won't get sick with that. I'll probably try to tube 2oz more in before I go to bed. Unless he is sleeping on his tummy. Then I'll come up with plan B.

And if all of that wasn't enough.... I emailed Houston today and found out Asa's IgG level was low. I've heard talk of that but I'll have to read more cause if I read ahead in the book, I get confused! It is nothing urgent so next time we go to Houston we can add immunology to the list along with GI. You see how this works don't you! I don't play card games but it seems like we already have a gin rummy or full house or a straight or something at Vandy so now we are collecting specialist from another hospital, heck, even another state!!! ROOK!

And finally, Vandy called to schedule a 3 day EEG! 3DAYS!!! Dr. K said 23 hour EEG. I think our neuro is mad at me!!! First I tell him that 2 other specialist want to look further into something that is HIS specialty, then I push for the inpatient option instead of his suggested offer of an at home test, so he gives me what I ask for and then a spanking on top!! The scheduler did say that if they got the info they needed before the 3 days were up, we'd be discharged.

Now tell me if I'm wrong about wanting this EEG done inpatient. It takes us 3 hours, one way, to get to Vandy. So we drive up, get him hooked up and drive back. The test measures for 2 days and then we drive up, unhook him and drive back. It would be nice to test in his normal environment cause I bet I could take him right to some of his triggers but that is a lot of travel and what if I screw something up and it doesn't read. Shouldn't someone be standing over me to make sure I don't mess up! Asa had an EEG at 4 months but at this time he was bad shape and didn't even use his hands much less raise them to his head. Now one of Asa's favorite past times is scratching his head! Boy, this isn't gonna be fun. So what do you think is the lesser of the two evils.....test at home and drive or test at Vandy and be inpatient? Maybe I should just flip a coin!


m_clement said...

I say go inpatient for the EEG. This may sound crazy but you need Asa to have some "triggers" and not be in his natural environment. They need to look at all aspects, and I think that from what I have heard and read that Asa a lot of times has these "spells" after environmental triggers. Ha ha...crazy about immunology and Houston...weren't we just talking about that today? I hope Asa feels better soon!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

I fully agree inpatient is the way to go for all the reasons you listed.

Clara-Leigh said...

Kim, so sorry Asa isn't feeling well. Hope you can get the stuff with Vandy all sorted out!! Still haven't heard back from Garrett's labs drawn....curious about the immune test results for him as well. His big issue is recurrent ear infections...on his 5th set of tubes....Big hugs to you both, and I am so glad my blog can give you a smile and laugh!!!!! Oh, there's a neat site where a lady makes jewelry for different causes. I ordered the Mitochondrial DIsease Awareness one and had it customized with Garrett's name and a disc that says "slow and steady wins the race." The artist also donates $10 of every sale of that necklace to the, huh? Here's the link:
Thought you might like it!!! Hugs,