Saturday, June 26, 2010

Asa is better!

Asa is feeling better! Well, he isn't running a fever at least! He is still pretty ill and crabby. But he was doing this before the fever so this may just be his new toddler personality!

He has been so weak that he can't even sit up in the floor without slouching and whining. He is happier in the highchair where he has support. He did scoot around some last night. He didn't eat very well but this morning he gobbled up his Pedisure. Yesterday he didn't even finish 2 bottles. He had some applesauce and pudding though.

And I was thinking our neuro here was been abrupt and quick with me about Asa's EEG but his last email was much nicer and he too said we could stop the EEG as soon as we had what we needed. So if we believe Asa is having startle seizures and we go in there, hook him up, trigger a few seizures or autonomic episodes, then we can go home!! How's that for a plan. I've been thinking of the best way to startle him and have decided that I'll have to bring Cade and Gracie with me cause they always seem to bring it out of him!

And lastly! Yesterday I got to mow the yard!! 2 blissful hours on a lawnmower, all alone, listening to my iPod! Barry said he doesn't like the way I mow though. He says I go in a circle over here and then a circle over there! Of course I do but otherwise I'd be done too soon!! Anyway, the first song on my iPod was "Miracle of the Moment" by Steven Curtis Chapman. I used this song in a slideshow I made for Asa's first birthday. It is a good reminder for all of us to just enjoy life. After this song was recorded Steven's little girl died when his older son backed over her as he backed out of the driveway. You'd think this would be enough to cripple a family but Steven has gone on to write some beautiful songs of worship, praise and faith. So even as we know Asa's life will be a struggle and will likely be shortened, we also know that none of us can know the future and we need to celebrate and worship each day that God gives us.

I can't get a video to upload (and I'm blaming dial up not operator error!) so if you'd like to hear the song click this Youtube link!

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Anonymous said...

glad he's feeling better. he'll get rev'd back up soon. a book kim - i'm telling should write a book. (as if you have time), but i laugh and about cry everytime i read your posts. unusual!~Robin