Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time for some pictures!

But before the pictures.... Asa was still crabby today. He woke up at 6:30 which is good because he ate breakfast earlier...at 10am! Ugh, I just wish he'd eat sooner and maybe he wouldn't be soooo grumpy! He did really good in OT even though he had a sub therapist. The sub even took him from me and took him back to the therapy gym and Asa was fine! YAY!! Gracie is spending the night with a neighbor and Cade and I dropped her off and then hung around to swim a little. Anna called not 20 minutes later saying Asa was screaming and sick. I got home and she had him all set up with a puke cup. She handled it very, very well! I'm so proud of her. I drained his belly and he was better but clingy! He didn't go to sleep this time and I was relieved cause I don't care for all this seizure talk! That was a speed typed update, now on to the pictures!!!

Since Asa has been so ill we are trying anything to distract and pacify him. Monday I got a ziplock bag and put in orange poster paint. Once it is sealed up and taped to the highchair tray, Asa is supposed to "write" with the bag. Well, didn't take him but a second to rip the bag from the tray and play with it in his own way. He was a little weirded out at first but soon he loved it!!

Then, today we shopped for Anna new glasses. Asa loves glasses too! He has several pairs of sunglasses and most of them are adult glasses cause his noggin is so big! Unfortunately I forgot to bring any of his glasses in and he thought he was in hog heaven in the store! His hands grabbed like I've never seen before. I'm just thankful Cade and Gracie were at summer school or I'd be sooo outnumbered!! We found these for Asa and thought them fitting since he was wearing his Superman shirt! Baby Clark!!!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

He is such a cutie....love the Clark Kent impersonation!!!

Christina said...

Can I just say how incredibly, stinkin' cute that last picture is? I ABSOLUTELY love it!!! I think it needs to be a big picture on your wall in your home. Sweet Asa is definitely a little superman.