Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pool day

We had so much fun by the pool today. It took a while to get Asa set up but thankfully he stayed happy for more than 30 seconds! I emptied and cleaned his little pool. Then we put more water from the big pool in it. I got the Sportsbrella set up to keep him shaded. Then I had to get Asa ready! I even put swim trunks on him!! He usually skinny dips since he has his own pool. Lately though he gets so distacted by his built-in toy and won't play with the pool toys! Once Asa was all settled, I got in our pool to catch a few rays! Man, it has been a long time since I just soaked in the sun! After 30 minutes I got us all popsicles, I was done!

Asa really liked his pool time and stayed pretty cool. He even ate a Popsicle in the pool! He was a little fussy after the Popsicle so I was gonna bring him inside. I stood him on the deck and took his trunks off. As I stood to help him walk inside he headed for the big pool! The last time we tried the big pool, he wasn't a fan! But today he loved it! He ended up staying in the big pool, in a floaty, for another 15 minutes! Unfortunately after all the activity he was a tired mess for the rest of the afternoon! I think it shook me out of the land of denial seeing how worn out he got!

On the feeding front things went well. At lunch he had a few Gerber Lil' Crunchies. They are similar to cheese puffs only smaller and they dissolve pretty easily! Oh and Asa only like the sweet ones, Maple and Cinnamon. We started off with him "kissing" them, which he does open mouthed! That was funny enough in itself but then he crunched one! The first time it crunched, it scared him! Then he thought it was funny! He'd bite them just to hear them crunch!!! I don't think he really wanted to eat them but he liked making the noise! The more I laughed the more he crunched! It was so funny! He also had a 6 oz jar of bananna and strawberry baby food! He ate some at lunch but most of it was after his swim!

I hope I didn't wear him out too much today! I was ready to show off his happy eating at therapy tomorrow!

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