Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to life!

You guys are so sweet and supportive after the Houston post! I got so many comments and emails! Thank you all so much!!

Things have been mostly even steven here! That is great news!! Boring and level are our goals these days!

Asa is still pump free! 2 weeks now and we haven't used the tube. He is having 3 bottle of Pedisure a day by straw sippy cup and usually an applesauce or yogurt with an apple juice a day. Today was iffy though!

He had his sippy cup this morning and even most of a yogurt an hour or so later. We then ran some errands. On the way home Asa started getting sick (autonomic, seizure, whatever!) and we hooked up a drain bag. Nothing much drained but he got better and went to sleep. That was at noon. We got home around 1 and he wouldn't eat. Then at 2 he wouldn't eat. Then at 4 he wouldn't eat. I was getting concerned because he hadn't had anything since 9am! Finally at 4:30 he picked up his cup on his own and started drinking! Go figure. Then at 6:30 he was fussy and I offered another cup, which he drank up. At supper he had several bites of mashed potatoes and an apple juice! Now we all know how much I love to feed him until he pukes but I hope I stopped before he got too full! He did self feed a few cheerios after supper too! I always offer him some of what we have and he usually refuses but tonight he happily opened his sweet mouth for the potatoes!!

Hamburgers here we come!! All of you were so supportive of him grabbing a burger that when day comes we are having a burger eating party and all of you are invited!!! I can't wait, can you?!

Oh and I got a new t-shirt on Thursday and that is all I have to say about that!!! :-)

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