Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 for the price of 1

I had a headache last night and only made a short post. It seemed so sad and short so I just saved it for today. Now you 2 in 1!!

Baton Rouge

We are spending the night in Baton Rouge tonight. We left New Orleans this morning and went to the aquarium. Asa really liked the tunnel aquarium but shortly after that he got sick for some reason. I'm not really sure what happened but he spent the rest of the time reclined in the chair and wanting to be rubbed! He didn't throw up but he wasn't feeling good at all. Cade liked the aquarium but he most excited to spend his money in the gift shop! I'm so proud that since he didn't find anything he really liked, he didn't buy anything. At one point he did start grabbing up ALL the post cards just so he could spend his money. Thankfully he put them back. I was proud when he thought of getting a few cause they are really good pictures but he was grabbing up anything!!

We have spent the rest of the day travelling to Baton Rouge. We found our hotel and grabbed a burger before we checked in. It looks like we are calling it a day with cartoons, again!!


We woke up this morning and had a scrumptious breakfast of poptarts and hotel room coffee! I have a rule about only buying one meal a day. The rest of the time we snack or have the continental breakfast. This hotel had a $9 buffet that I'm sure is great but I can't mess with my food budget! So after our poptarts we headed out for Houston!

There was 2 ways I was going about this. One was straight to Houston, we'd make great time. Or we could go down to the beach and Galveston and look around, longer route but we'd see some sights. Since my driver was up for the sights we headed for the beach! What he didn't fully know was that we'd have to take a ferry across to Galveston! Last year we headed to the aquarium with Anna and the GPS took is a route that involved a ferry! Barry freaked out and by the ti
e we got to the aquarium it was closed! So the ferry isn't his favorite thing but he sucked it up and we had a great ride! Barry even got Asa out and stood by the rail! I'm stll amazed Asa didn't get sick from the wind or noise and that Barry got near the edge!! I have video on Barry's cell phone though! Asa loved the ferry! He loved the seagulls! He was so happy! I can't figure this kid out!! Of course now I'm thinking a cruise for next vacation would be fun!!

Galveston looked like a lot of fun and we went in a gift shop so Cade could spend his money! Then we headed to Houston! Our room here is great! It has a full kitchen, with supplies! There is a separate living area and a bedroom with 2 double beds. I'm not sure how we'll sleep but I think someone else can have Asa for the night! There is a reason I never slept with my babies! I wake up too easily! For a guy who doesn't move much Asa sure gets around in his sleep!


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