Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicken Pox

Just look at this pitiful Superman!! Asa has the chicken pox!!! A breakthrough case that popped up even though he had the vaccine. I noticed a few spots on him Tuesday morning but he'd be outside a while Monday afternoon. Bugs love Asa and I assumed he'd gotten a few bites. It wasn't until Wednesday even when I noticed new bites that I began to wonder what could be causing more bites to appear. Thanks to google I found out it is possible to get them even with the vaccine. There's plenty of pics to look at too! I kept him home from school Thursday just in case and called the ped. Thankfully he didn't have to be seen because I can't imagine the Petri dish that the office must be this time of year!! The doccatered with my diagnosis and said to keep him home until Monday. It's likely this is why Asa was running a fever and missed the end of last week too.

 Thankfully a case after the vaccine is usually mild and Asa's seems to be! He has about 20 pox but only bothers a few. His fever has been low and just barely noticeable over his "normal" temp of 99. The only major side effect has been his GI system. I could go into some poop talk but I'll spare you. It's clear that he's having a slow down though. His tummy also isn't emptying normally and we've had some messes because of that! His appetite is great though so I'm not worried about a regression in feeding as long as his belly kicks back in full gear soon!

 And don't worry too much about him. By this afternoon he had perked up and was playing. He did some knee walking and trampoline jumping for PT and some letters and writing on the iPad. This is a short, easy illness compared to the struggles of a few of our mito friends. Wyatt and Kendall have especially been on my heart lately! I heard someone say they can't wait for spring so their kids would be well again. I say be happy you have a spring! Families who deal with chronic or progressive illness don't get a spring. They just cling to each day!!

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