Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things that make me laugh

I've got to turn in some forms for Asa's IEP that's quickly approaching. I read a blog a few months ago and now it comes to mind when I hear "IEP"! Sooooo, Ways To Make Your Next IEP Awesome (my favs from this BLOG POST)....

 ~When someone brings up goals your child has accomplished, pat yourself on the back and say, "good for me"

 ~Insist on doing "Duck, Duck, Goose" around the table to decide who has to read their section first. Demand the outcomes of the game be written into the minutes.

~Bring all of your other kids in. And other people's kids.

 ~Hand out your own goals at the beginning of the meeting. "The Speech and Language Pathologist will bark when someone says 'IEP' 2 out of 3 times with minimal prompting" Measure goals at the end of the meeting.

 ~Start every sentence with "I read on the Internet...."

 ~....or "my psychiatrist says..."

~Come in all decked out in sensory attire: weighted vest, lap pad, chewelry and fidgets.

 ~Bring in Scooby Snacks and throw one to the person whenever you like what they said.

 Oh, and there's soooo many more. Go read the blog!! Even though I've read it many times, I've laughed out loud at some of the entries while typing this. I'm easily entertained though so you may not be rolling on the floor like me!

 I will note that I've not had a bad experience in an IEP! Asa has a great team and I get to see many of them often since I take and pick him up from school. Many go out of their way for him...and me! But even at best, an IEP can get dry and boring and I bet most of the team wouldn't object to throwing in some humorous moments to break up the meeting. If I get bored with my own kid's meeting how must they feel to do several meetings in one day! Yawn!

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