Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First ER trip

I'm blogging from Jackson Madison County General Hospital and its 5 am. We got settled in at 3 after getting here at 10:30 last night! This may be dry and boring but it's mostly for my memory.....plus I've only had 2 hours sleep ! 

Asa ran a fever all day Monday. I didn't take his temp but I knew he felt warm and gave him ibuprofen. He was kinda tired all day but there was no coughing or pulling at his ear or obvious sign of illness. He didn't eat but drank 2 cups of his formula. 

I took his temp around 4pm. The thermometer is sooo inaccurate under his arm and I did a rectal. It was higher than I thought so I sat him on the couch to get an ibuprofen. He puked all over everything! At bedtime, 7ish, he went to bed normally but then he started a weird cough. We thought he was puking. I went to get him and he was in bed, drawn up and shaking uncontrollably. I took another rectal temp and it was only 99. We noticed his finger tips and lips were blue. He was coughing, yawning and gagging all while shaking. We bundled him up and u tubed in some homemade Pedilyte. He handled it so we did some more. He had 60mls in all. Then he started puking! 

I called the ped who said to go to the ER. After the fluids and puking he was looking better. No shaking, not as blue, he was squealing and fussing. Except his temp was 102.7. 

At the ER the flu and strep test was normal. He was slightly dehydrated. The chest X-ray showed a slight upper respiratory infection. His O2 was 95%. They are taking this mito business very seriously though and admitted him. 

He's in the PICU step down unit. His temp was 102.2 at midnight. At 1am it was 100.2 and now at 5am, it was normal. His O2 is perfect now. They didn't start and IV and fluids. He drank a little Pedilyte and I tubed in 4oz. He's had several diarrhea diapers. The last thing they said was a rotovirus test. 

He has been amazing! He was wide awake until 3am. He lay in the bed listening and watching. In the ER he played in a basin of water and jumped on the bed. He sure didn't act like he was sick. I really thought he'd have the flu or pneumonia and they'd fix him right up. The ER doc mentioned a seizure. We'll see what the peds doc thinks in a little while. I think (hope and pray) that he is fine and just had a crazy fever! That's possible, right! And in my crazy packing I remembered several important items but we got here and I'm out of wipes! Not even in my spare stash places! I was using wet paper towels until we got to the peds floor!

Oh and as we came down the PICU hall I heard a familiar voice. The school nurse that took such great care of Asa  is now here!!! I was soooo happy to see her! 

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Anonymous said...

Wow! We will be praying for Asa (and you and Barry) today! Trust it is just a wierd virus and no more! Love to all. Mrs. Margaret