Sunday, March 24, 2013

4th Annual Mito What? 5K

Saturday was the 4th Annual Jackson Culley Mito What? 5K in Millington TN. The day started off with plenty of clouds and cold temps. The forecast called for rain but thankfully we didn't see any of that! Sadly, the honoree, Jackson, was not able to be at the race. Emily was with him at the hospital because he was sick and was admitted for observation. Thankfully he came home today, his 6th birthday! Team Asa grew some this year! My mom and dad, Asa's cousin's Rayn and Jakob, and my cousin Lacy, have been supporters from the very first race! This year we added Asa's birth-3 teacher (even though she didn't get to race with us) and Barry's cousin Jessica and her hubby Emmett. They are the runners in our group!
Told you they were runners! Both placed in their age groups! How cool is that! I've decided that if I'm not a runner (clearly I'm not!) then I'm going to throw all my efforts into being a better cheerleader! Thanks, Jessica and Emmett for running so fast for our boy!
How sweet is this picture?! Asa had a terrible case of Moma-itis and was overstimulated. Lots of people took turns holding him or distracting him so I could be social and chat. These teenagers were the best too!
Check out these awesome Mito Moms! Our little group of 4 families has grown in the last year too. I'm sad new families have gotten diagnosed but I'm thankful we have all found each other!
And the mito dads are pretty awesome, too! They don't get much credit sometimes!
What we did while other people ran! :-)
Asa started off the Jack's Pack by putting his feet on the line and taking off (justblike the little boy next to us did) but he turned around after 3 steps and went back thru the finish line!!!! He liked the flags!
Like I said earlier, Asa was overstimulated and antisocial at the race. He was a social butterfly and Mr. Independent at Chic-Fil-A though! When I got back from ordering Asa and Barry were coming out of the playroom. I commented that I wished Barry hadn't taken him in there. Lacy said that Asa got up and walked in there by himself while they we're talking! It was not a clear view of the playroom and someone had to let him in but he was ready to play! Gracie helped him climb into the towers and at one point he got onto the far side and was playing in the airplane. He would NOT come down. Gracie finally had to bear hug him and drag him to the slide where he happily slid down all by himself!!!
It was a great day with some good friends! Over $20,000 dollars was raised this year! Next year will be the 5th race. We only need to raise $10,000 or so more to donate over $100,000 for the 5 year total! How cool is that?! Angie said a $100,000 donation is enough to fully fund a research project! Can you believe little ole us could have accomplished that?!! Just little ole me and little ole you....fighting mito together!!!

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