Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Horses again!

Asa had his second hippotherapy session today. Last week was cancelled because it was COLD! And it was our Spring Break! Anyway, his reaction this week was more "typical" for Asa! He got overstimulated when we went in. It takes a lot of volunteers to run the program but that also means a lot of folks standing around waiting for their turn too! He was getting impatient and then they put his helmet on. It was still a little bit so he got more impatient! Then as he was on the deck the horse got nervous and they had to work that out which made him more impatient! Once he got on his horse he was pretty good though! It's such hard work! I also taught him the sign for "horse". When we talk about the horses he will sign it! So smart!!

 We had Spring Break last week and it was such a good week! Don't get me wrong, the weather was gross for a few days but we had some nice days too. It was just nice to be home and not running all around! While the weather was nice Asa rode his Power Wheel for 2 days straight! :) He has gotten really good at steering! Like all boys he likes to get into trouble! At first I thought he was accidentally getting stuck in the woods but turns out he LIKES getting stuck! He also like crashing!

 Since we were stuck snide a few days with gross weather I tried some potty training. Asa didn't leak a drop into the potty and I took him a lot! I started trying because a few times we'd take his diaper off and let him air out. He'd sit down and pee in the floor! Maybe I should just cover the carpet with plastic!! Oh well, maybe summer break!

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