Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Cade and Gracie had ball games Saturday. It was a long day but we wanted to give Asa a chance to blow us away with how great he could handle stress. And he really did do great but he couldn't make it the whole day. This is how he spent half of Cade's game. Sitting in my lap, laying on Gracie and an umbrella to keep the sun out of his eyes. How much game watching do you think I got to do?!

Asa had hippotherapy today. It was at 5 pm instead of 4 pm. We ran in Sam's and I thought I'd give Asa a little of my Dr. Pepper to have alert during therapy. A tired Asa is a very cranky Asa!! He didn't want a little watered down Dr. P in his cup but he wanted MINE!!!! And he did really good during therapy. Maybe he needs a caffeine fix every afternoon like me! 

Just in case you think hippotherapy is only about riding....

Asa is sitting backwards on the horse while he places block shapes into the sorter. And if you notice he has to reach to get them in too! 

Here's a few videos. Asa is squealing and happy in one. The guys leading him were the best cheerleaders! I don't think I got video of them cheering him on. At one point he was on his hands and knees and in a tall kneel on the horse and these guys were so great with him. Those are very hard skills for him!! In one video they stop and clip colored clothes pins to the saddle. Then Asa has to pinch them open to get them off. And she was quizzing him on colors too!! Can you imagine all the work! It's amazing!!

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