Sunday, April 21, 2013

Double Digits

Our sweet, spunky, 3rd born, Gracie, turned 10 years old today! Double digits! She was pretty excited about it and had a party all planned since January! I let the date sneak up on me (did anyone else lose a whole week in April?) and didn't get invites sent out until the last minute! Thankfully, she has some good friends who showed up with last minute notice!
Check out my poor nephew, Jack, who was the only boy at the bowling party! He may not appreciate this at 10 years old but in a few short years he'll feel differently!

We retold the story of Gracie's birth. I remember when they brought her back to our room after her clean up in the nursery. Anna strongly favors me. Cade strongly favors Barry. Gracie never favored just either of us. After a few weeks and she still didn't have a "pop" of anyone stick out. I wondered if she might have been swapped in the hospital and even if she was would I want to know?! This was my "Pre-google" days or I'm sure I would've googled "home DNA testing"! I'm sure a lack of sleep and crazy hormones had nothing to do with my midnight creation of a Lifetime Movie of the Week in my head!

Fast forward 10 years and this girl is like my little clone in many ways! Anna may favor me more but Gracie acts just like me! Heaven help her daddy! She is soooo funny and makes me laugh all the time! She made me stop posting all her quick wit life insights on Facebook. I could probably start a fan page and make some money off her silly stuff!! She is so brave and tough! none of Asa's medical issues have made her bat an eye. And once, my nephew took a bad fall and was bleeding but she was right in there, blood and all! She is a tomboy and loves climbing trees, 4 wheeler riding and her jeans and tshirts. She also likes to play Barbies, sing along with One Direction and paint her fingernails. She loves soccer, basketball and softball. She loves to try new things and thinks she's the best at EVERYTHING she tries....she gets THAT from her daddy!

I have loved homeschooling her this year! There's a few parts of "school" she doesn't like at all but a lot of stuff she just eats up! It's a lot of fun working with her daily! Definitely one of the best decisions we've ever made! And even in the frustrating lessons, being together makes it completely worth it!

How precious are these two girls?!! She's 10 today but will be 16 in a blink of the eye!
Just so you don't think she's losing all her tomboy and turning into a girlie we dropped off one friend after the party, they headed out to do some target practice shooting! Sweet girls!
As a bonus, Gracie got to go watch our Lady Vols play softball! She even got to get her glove and a ball signed by some of the players.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 10 year old Birthday to Gracie! Can't believe it! Wow! Love all of "Gracie's Story!" Love, Mrs. Margaret