Friday, March 15, 2013

Much Better

Asa is feeling sooo much better! He could've gone to school today since it'd been 24 hours since his last bout of diarrhea and well over 24 hours since his last fever. I kept him home though so I could monitor his energy level. He's been sleeping 14 hours at night plus a 2 hour nap! He skipped his nap today and you could tell!!! We had a fun day today and I'm glad he was home to enjoy it! We started out our school but as the morning wore one it became clear that the sunshine and warm temps were not to be missed! We rushed through our necessary school work and then had a fun Friday outside! We had the windows and doors open while we worked. Asa has recently learned to open the deadbolt on the front door and open it but he hasn't gone out. The back door has a screen door on it and we've caught him going out of it on his own! He was following Gracie around on his tricycle when I could tell he wasn't with her anymore. We looked and he had pushed his tricycle out of our yard and into the rough dirt strip that leads thru the woods to my parents house next door!! He had gotten stuck in the big ruts and was pretty mad about it!
Later this afternoon we had his Power Wheels out. He was riding all over and we really noticed how intentional his driving was. He was squeezing thru some tight spaces! A few minutes later we could hear the car moving away from us. I followed him at a distance. He never looked back or seemed to hesitate for a second! He headed straight for the trial to my parent's house. This time he chose the smoother but longer route. He was a decent driver. At one point the path narrows and gets close to the road so I yelled when he got there. Of course, that only made him look behind him while pushing the gas! It's a wonder I get him in the road! He was great until I spoke up! He made it all the way to my mom's though! No slowing him down!
All of this is truly amazing when you remember that it was just this time last year that he started walking with the walker! And even then he was scared and hesitant. No more!! This boy has things to do and he on his way!!! Thanks so much for all the love and prayers for his speedy recovery. I'm so thankful that this was just a stomach bug! Many of our friends are fighting much, much worse tonight! Praying for all my tough mito kids and families!!

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