Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I should've updated yesterday but I was soooo tired!! We were discharged at 2pm. We got home and were locked out of the house! Can I tell you how fun it was to be so tired, gave a full afternoon and evening still to go, need a shower to wash hospital funk off and not be able to get in the house! Thankfully anna had a key and we only waited 30 mins for her to get home. 

Asa tested positive for rotavirus. They just wanted to do pedilyte and then see if he could tolerate a cup of formula before they discharged him. He was still having diarrhea but I told then we could handle it at home. The peds doc took a detailed history and called Asa's Vandy doc to be sure he didn't miss anything. It was really great for the peds doc to tell Dr Tyler that Asa was his first mito patient in 32 years of medicine. It's not uncommon to met docs that don't know mito but they usually try to play it off or use ancient info to make assumptions that are sooo wrong! For instance, a lot of docs assume Asa can't see because there is a form of mito that affects the eyes. Apparently it's taught in medical school. Anyway, Dr. Tyler told him that fluids and sugar should be monitored closely. He also told him that all mito cases were different and you treat each case differently. It's so common to find docs who have egos too big to work together but thankfully this was not the case this time! 

Since Asa was puking and pooping they took precautions and gowned and gloved up each time they entered his room. They left a stethoscope and thermometer in his room too. They were trying to keep Asa's germs in his room but I saw it as they were keeping other germs out of his room! Hospitals are GROSS! 

Asa has done well at home. I tubed in small amounts of pedilyte and he handled it fine. He had a diluted cup before bed and one this morning. So far so good. He did wake up covered in hives on just one leg this morning! I have no idea what that means! I gave him some Benadryl and he's itching less. 

I'm looking forward to a normal, regular, routine day around here! Maybe we'll find one soon! :)

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