Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring fever!!

We had the BEST day yesterday! The sun was shining, the weather was perfect and we enjoyed it so much! Asa loves being outside and he stayed out almost all afternoon. I couldn't believe how much stronger he was than even just in the fall. I think we are all ready for the sunshine and warmer temps!!

He rode his Power Wheel around with purpose! He'd turn so he could follow Gracie on her bike. He ride right thru the middle of our batting practice even though he had the whole yard to play in! It was so funny to watch he head right for a tree and then turn so he barely missed it at the last second.

And Asa was brave! He wandered all over the yard but he knew to hold hands in the rough and uneven places. He tried out the tire swing but that required too much coordination! He tried though, even on his belly!! He made it out broken down tree house and climbed the ramp to go up. And it's a steep ramp! He did it several times!! It made me wish the old tree house wasn't rotten. I think he would've loved to get inside!

With all that hard play, he slept until 7 this morning! That doesn't seem late but he's been getting up at 5am the last few weeks! Every morning at 5 or 5:30! He got up and his cheeks had a nice red glow from his adventures outside the day before. He was super gaggy and whiney though. He also didn't drink all of his breakfast cup or eat his bacon. I stayed home from church with him and he was super cuddlely but I didn't complain because I loved the cuddles!

At lunch, he laid his head on the table and wouldn't even eat his pudding! No bacon or pudding....clearly he wasn't feeling well! He was also pale and warm (though we didn't take his temp). He cuddled with my mom (who also didn't complain about extra snuggles!) and then came home and took a 2 hour nap. I woke him up at 5pm. He was not pale or warm but he wasn't very active either. He laid on me or in the floor for most of the evening. I hope he just had too much fun yesterday and needed a restful day today to make up for it!!!

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