Monday, February 25, 2013


Just a year ago, Asa was NOT a people person! It just makes my day to see him so outgoing now! He waves at everyone and gives hugs to strangers! To be honest, sometimes he's a bit too social and friendly! His school is the perfect place for him to make friends though! This sweet girl is Asa best friend! She is the sweetest thing with him. Several kids are though!
Don't you love how Asa's hands are clasps behind her back! He's giving her such a squeeze!
This pic was followed by a big ole kiss on the lips! And I worried he wouldn't know how to interact with his peers!
Apparently, Asa is all delightful at school. At home, however, he's been pushing us all. He's started have terrible temper tantrums, melt downs or just rotten behaviors for a while. He used to slap his face when he was losing it. Recently, he started biting! He bits himself, us or whatever is nearby....including the bumper of the car and the deck!!! We are trying a timeout chair, where he bangs his head on whatever is close. He knows not to bite at school. He knows his bites hurt because he has teeth marks on his own arm. I hope this is a quick phase!

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