Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mito Family

Today, I got to spend the day with my wonderful group of mito moms! They are my mito family! When Asa was diagnosed with mito 4 years ago, I got welcomed into a world of wonderful mito families in the Nashville area. From there I met 3 other families in the Memphis area.

It's just been the 4 of us for several years now. Recently, we added another family to our group when Emily found out her sister's niece was also affected. At a family meeting last fall, we got to meet 2 other newly diagnosed families. At lunch today there were 7 families represented with 2 other moms not able to join us. That makes 9 families, in our area, affected by mito!

 Conversation is easy for all of us. None of our kids are exactly the same but we share many similar stories. It took us all of 35 mins to start talking about poop! It only got more fun from there! I learn something (many something's, actually) from each of these ladies and I can't wait to visit with them again!

 Talk turned to the Mito-What 5K that's only a month away. If you want to sign up and get a tshirt and goody bag you better sign up quickly! They tshirt order will be turned in on March 1st! You can always visit the website and just make a donation to the UMDF. Check out this video of our buddy, Jackson and then visit the race page to make a donation or sign up today.


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