Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Asa works so hard in therapy. And everyday is his therapy! Simple things that we take for granted are work for him. He isn't always agreeable or happy to work though! And when he is done, he is DONE!

He's been working in PT and Aquatherapy with getting on his knees. It seems so simple but it isn't! And knees are important! He needs to use them so that he can stand up by himself without pulling up on something else. Try telling that to Asa though! He hates working on his knees! He's been doing a tad bit better though and I've even caught him playing on his knees all by himself!

This was in the toy room at the eye doctor last week!

tried to get him to work on his knees tonight and he was resisting. I said, "Come on Asa, knees are your friends." Barry responded with, "Until you are 45 or 46 anyway!" Hahaha! 

Just so you get an idea of how hard he works, check out this video of him climbing the stairs last week! Such a trooper!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Asa for persuing to the top of the stairs! Wow! Just be careful (a grandmom's input..ha!) Amazing to watch another "inch-stone"! You are something else. And so are your Mom and Dad, Anna, Cade and Gracie! Love to all!

marie clare said...

So funny how different the boys are in some ways. Ryan loves being on his knees, he will walk across the room on his knees if hes holding onto something, but yet hes along way from walking and Asa is walking. LOL Funny this whole development thing. I wish they both didnt have to work so dam hard though.