Monday, November 1, 2010

Time flies!

I can't believe it is November already! I'm ready to get the tree up! What about you? When do you start the Christmas decorating? How about Christmas shopping? I've already got a lot. And I've got ideas for the rest.

Asa went to school today. It was his first Monday! Why is there such a stigma with Mondays? He went to music class and had speech therapy. When I got there to pick him up, he was hot and tired. Can you believe 2 1/2 hours tires him out?! I guess I forget how much down time he gets here that he can't get at school. Hopefully he'll build up a tolerance and be able to play longer. Thanks for all the tips about pick up! I've started coming in slower and hanging out a little. Seems to really help. I guess the Moma bursting in the door would be a little startling.

Today I had Chinese food for lunch! I know that doesn't sound news worthy but it is!!! First, I rarely get a meal alone that isn't rushed! Second, no one else in my house likes Chinese! We get take out pizza or Mexican or chicken but never Chinese food!

As I type this Asa is eating spaghetti and green beans!!! Mostly spaghetti! He makes the worst face when I give him a bite of green beans!!! :-)

And lastly.....Don't forget to vote tomorrrow! No matter who you vote for, just vote! I can give you some suggestions if you need help! Im tired of the polling calls and a mailbox full of flyers too but this is important! Our service men and women have fought for our right to vote. There are many countries who don't allow their citizens that right. Voters are forced to vote a certain way or tortured and killed if they dare vote at all! Voting is one of our most prized privilages and we need to use it! We can't control what the elected officials do once they get in office but to sit on our behinds and do nothing at election time shouldn't be an option! And if you don't vote you certainly can't complain about who got elected and how they govern! Again, if you need help deciding who to vote for I'll give you my 2 cents!

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